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Catalog entry
Is the airport reserved for airplanes? Of course not. However, what about other aircrafts? At least one reconnaissance helicopter appeared with every airport. In addition, lots of public service helicopters were released like police, firefighting or medical. However, what about the private helicopters? It is a bit different matter. Practically no helicopter of such type appeared in sets. Up to 1988 year, when this set was released including six-wheeled truck, a long trailer, a helicopter and two stuntmen. I think it was received very well. It is a medium-sized set consisting of almost 200 bricks, but offered to make a very nice model of truck with the chopper. A lot of fun possibilities and price was adequate for most people. Both stuntmen appeared on virtually every scene of the airport since 1988. I present below all the presentations I have found. I've even managed to reconstruct some of them.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1988uk.pdf Catalogue 1988 UK: Page 14 and 15: Town

Truck and Chopper

LEGO Classic
The truck with the trailer
 This set offers us a big six-wheeled truck with a bow. Truck comes with a long trailer on six small wheels, which has been designed for helicopter transport. Helicopter can be attached to the trailer easily. Trailer has special mounting place for helicopters skids and propeller at the front is attached to stabilizer in form of two round bricks. It is enough to hold the chopper steady, so it will not fall off when driving the truck.
LEGO Classic
Semitrailer is attached to a truck with a spline protruding from the back of the truck, where the semi-trailer has a hole made with a Technic's plate. It is even an interesting solution, but it should be noted that the tilting of the semi-trailer on the side is not possible. This mechanism was still under development in 1988 year, because the way of attaching semi trailer changed quite significantly through 80s and 90s. It can be seen by comparing the old tanker from 6695-1: Tanker-Truck set with the second released eight years later with 6594-1: Gas-Transit set. Both have completely different mechanisms at the junction of the trailer and the new from 1992 is much more stable and real, as it imitates a spline and a saddle.
LEGO Classic
The helicopter
 Helicopter included in this set is already made in the new design, modeled on the dome style. Please note, that this set is quite old, as it is from 1988. It was in this year, when the first helicopters with this new type of windshield appeared. In 1986, in a set of 6386-1: Police-Command-Base, you can still see the old type of helicopter or even in 6392-1: Airport.
LEGO Classic
 However, there are not many of such trucks in Lego Town theme. There is a truck for transporting race cars, another to transport the space shuttle. A few can be found, but there are not many of them. It make this set somehow unique.
Two stuntmen can be found in this set. Two in white overalls with the letter S and black-red stripes. The helicopter pilot must have a helmet of course and the truck driver has a cap. 
They form the stunt team and they are not afraid of anything, especially when it comes to a helicopter stun. They definitely like green areas not far from the airport, where nobody will disturb them in flying!


It is worth mentioning about the equivalent from the Model Team theme. The designs of this theme are for some a mystery, while they see no difference in comparison to the Technic's theme. The difference is very significant though, as the Technic's models are always purely technical backbones geared to functionality and practice. In contrast, Model Team was created as models of a similar size to Technic, but fully enclosed making them replicas of real vehicles or aircrafts that were less focused on technical capabilities and more on design and construction of the exterior.
It was back in 1990 when one of the most popular Lego-5590-1 was released, where you can find counterpart to the truck from reviewed set. Truck admittedly does not have a beak, but the resemblance is visible.
LEGO Classic
Counterpart from Model Team theme released in 1990


I mentioned at the beginning that a truck is present in many presentations. That is a fact, and the best part is that the stuntmen are present at all sceneries that I was able to reconstruct so far!

LEGO Classic
Flyer presentation from 1988
LEGO Classic

LEGO Classic
Source: 1989uk4.pdf Catalogue 1989 UK IV: Page 14 and 15: Town
LEGO Classic
G-Prex Circuit

LEGO Classic
Source: 1988eu3.pdf Catalogue 1988 EU III: Page 14 and 15: Town
LEGO Classic
Retor Town

All of the above sceneries can be viewed in more detail here: Reconstructions.

Alternative constructions

LEGO Classic
Alternative chopper
With nearly 200 universal bricks it is possible to create lots of things. The designers did not disappoint us and put five very different proposals on the back of the packaging. Airplane, helicopter with racer or two dragsters. It is not all, because we can find harvester also! Models of agriculture could be found as an alternatives in Lego Town theme. A helicopter with racer is also an interesting idea, as it has an open transportation compartment like in a military chopper.

LEGO Classic
It's time to make some stunts!


I think that this set is one of the most desirable Lego constructions in the late 80s and early 90s. I did not had this model as a kid, but I always wanted to have it. Truck, a traler and helicopter means guaranteed fun for hours. Stuntmen fit perfectly in any town layout next to the airport, as we could see above.
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