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LEGO Classic: LEGO 6356 Med-Star Rescue Plane
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Catalog entry
 Medical sets were not so popular as a fireman or police, but in this case we have interesting design. Aircrafts on the other hand, have always been accepted. Airports are always full of various aircrafts, so how could it miss medical one? Presentations from 1988 contained this unique two-tail design. Below you can see one of them with a set of 6392-1: Airport. It is quite original position in Lego flight sets and I am glad that it has been designed. The wounded must be transported as soon as possible and the car or even helicopter will not always be able to do it. Large rescue helicopter was also released in Town theme included in 6482-1: Rescue-Helicopter set. Not many of medical buildings were available in Town theme, but several vehicles and aircrafts were present.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1988uk.pdf Catalogue 1988 UK: Page 14 and 15: Town


Medical aircraft available in this set is quite unusual because there are no wide wings, a one center tail or jet engines. The idea is unique here, because four smaller propellers are mounted on the upper narrow wings. Stabilizing bar is mounted at the back on two elevated bricks attached to the wings. This allows the rear part of the fuselage to be fully available. 
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Medic seat
 Access to the interior of the aircraft is possible by two ways. 
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Back of the fusselage
 You can open the rear part of the fuselage, making it easy to insert the stretcher with patient on it. In addition, the right side of the fuselage can be opened up, where medic sits just after the patient.At the front of the fuselage  The pilot's cabin roof is not hinged. You have to remove the upper brick, what is a standard thing.
Three figures are available in this set: the pilot, medic and patient on a stretcher. The aircraft was designed using the same patterns such as the airport 6392-1: Airport from 1985. There are no problems with joining this aircraft with any of the three airports released in Town series.It is interesting that I failed to find the real version of this aircraft. It is possible that this time it was not a replica of an existing machine. Nevertheless, the idea is truly interesting and unique.

Technical details

LEGO Classic
It is worth mentioning that the front wheel is rotateable. In larger aircraft it is rather normal. Windshield used here is of a new type, even though this set was released in the late 80's. For comparison, you can see the 6368-1: Jet-Airliner aircraft from 1985, which has windshield of the old type with 6 studs. It is definitely easier to put the pilot into the cabin with windshield having two studs than a fully built 6 studs. You can simply observe some kind of evolution in the design bricks. You can see that ideas for improving bricks were sought in different ways. The same thing was with grooves at the bottom edge of the flat bricks to make it easier to disassemble them. That was not from the beginning, because previously smooth bricks were fully built.Back of the fuselage is opened by two flat hinges at the bottom and at the top. The structure is stable and strong, and failures associated with using these hinged bricks are negligible.

Alternative constructions

As befits to a good classic set alternative proposals could not be missing. Lots of standard bricks are available in this set, so it is possible to create an ambulance, a small motorboat or even a large ship.

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