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Catalog entry
The building presented here is a holiday home, but you might as well treat it like an ordinary house. The structure is quite simple, and the idea interesting. The whole house is in the red and white colors, which does not stand out much from the crowd. Most of the buildings from the period of Lego Classic are in the white color. This house was present in several presentations in the 80's, one of which can be seen below. The house settled on the top away from the town's hustle and bustle. Another presentation where this house is present has been reconstructed by me - Retor Town scenery. The villla takes place in the middle of the city here.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1988eu3.pdf Catalogue 1988 EU III: Page 20 and 21: Town

The packaging

LEGO Classic
Packaging (left side)
The dimensions of the packaging are 30x30x5 cm. The size of the box depends in this case mainly on the size of the base plate, which normally measures 256x256mm. Thanks to the larger size of packaging designers could also place more interesting presentations of this set. It is worth mentioning about the front flap, behind which you could see the interior of the box after transparent foil and additional presentations of the house and its inhabitants. Alternative proposals, could not be missing as well on the back of the packaging, which will describe in the further part of the article.

The building

LEGO Classic
Interior of the house
The interior of the house offers us kitchen, living room and bedroom. On the ground floor there is a kitchen just behind the front door. In the kitchen, of course, we have a stove with hob and hood, which has a locker at the bottom. In addition, there is a handle on the pan. Living room with large windows along the entire front wall has a table with a chair. The bedroom is in the attic, where there are sloping window. The bedroom has one large bed. 
LEGO Classic
Parking space
House includes a parking space with the driveway. Parking space has a grade roof and additional side door to the house, for easy access to the house after driving in by car. The set contains two figures, a woman and a man. The woman is one of the coolest for this period torsos of women - with coral, and this brown hair. 
LEGO Classic
Male whereas in the standard worker red apron with a white hat for a change. Pair looks great, especially in this house. All of this enriches a small black car. Design is similar to the other sets, this one will have a roof together with the rear window and the front inclined.
LEGO Classic
Although all cars look alike and fronts are practically the same, the whole structure is unique and not repeated in another set. A similar car can be found in the 6540-1: Pier-Police, but car in that set is all white and most of all it is a police car. But this is not a problem, because the similarities in cars result in easier combining all the sets and creating interesting scenes. 
LEGO Classic
House took only half the baseplate, and the other half has been used as a front garden. In the garden we have a table with two chairs and umbrella. Moreover, as befits the house, where is a woman - there must be flowers! We have here available four red flowers decorating the entire structure. In addition, one small tree in the corner. All of this is fenced with two white barriers. Designers did not forget here about the standard equipment of every home, which is about mailbox and trashcan. It's on its way brilliant, because as you can see every detail have been considered. Standard trashcan used even nowadays can be easily picked up by a garbage collector from set 6693. Mailbox is also standard and included in many other sets. In this set there are three letters.


The set have everything you need in an ordinary small house. The design is interesting and stable, and the premises are easily accessible. With several other sets, such as garbage collector, the postman or ordinary car with a figure (guests) you can create some interesting scenes or provide your child a lot of fun!
I present one more scenery, which I've reconstructed from original presentation from 1988 - Retor Town.
LEGO Classic
Reconstruction of the presentation from 1988 - Retor Town
I invite you to check out the gallery presenting entire building process of this house from very begging till the mounting of the last window by the construction crew. Whole process can be seen over here.
Zapraszam do galerii przedstawiającej cały proces budowy domu od projektowania do wstawienia ostatniej szyby przez ekipę budowlaną z kierownikiem na czele. Cały proces można zobaczyć .
LEGO Classic
Mounting doors

Alternative structures

LEGO Classic
One of the alternatives
This is one of the medium-sized sets, which automatically gives us a greater number of alternative proposals. Designers definitely were not wasting time, magnificent structures can be seen on the back of the packaging. A two-story house, shop or inn, all of this can be assembled with 150 bricks available in this set. Have a look at related alternative structures below.
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