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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
 The first set of Model Team theme was released in 1986 and it was the LEGO-5510-1. Models of vehicles, boats, helicopters or airplanes were released in just 16 sets. Thoroughly refined, with a great deal of detail, big models have caught the attention of every LEGO fan. The Model Team series is a response to bony and ugly, but technically rich models from Technic theme. Technical vehicles were characterized by a skeletal construction focused primarily on functional solutions. Everything that could move was supposed to move. Aesthetics or appearance was less important. The Model Team was the reverse of Technic. The most important element was the appearance of the model, and technical solutions were secondary objective. It is also worth mentioning that the Model Team vehicles were two times smaller than the standard ones from Technic. This can easily be seen by comparision with the LEGO-8868-1, which should theoretically be of similar dimensions as the truck from this review, but it has much larger wheels and it is at least twice as large. The 1990 model of a truck with a trailer adapted for the transport of a helicopter is known by any LEGO classics fan. The Model Team series by its small number of sets and lack of figurines is not suitable for creating city sceneries, but in this case it is not the most important. Models arouse interest by the details created with LEGO universal bricks available from many years earlier. At the beginning of 1990, the model of a truck carrying a helicopter was seen in various from sandy to airport presentations.
LEGO Classic
Source: Brickset.com 1990us2.pdf Catalogue 1990 US II: Page 19: Model Team

The truck

LEGO Classic
The truck with trailer
The main component of this set is a black truck with distinctive red stripes extending from front to sides. As I have already mentioned above, the devil is in the details. Those made this model interesting, especially since they were constructed using universal bricks only. The six-wheeled vehicle has all lights present starting with direction indicators, ordinary headlights or brakes, ending with halogens in the bumper. The wipers are made up of ordinary levers and the side mirrors were crearted out of the garbage can lids. The ingenious use of bricks for different purposes was always a LEGO motto. Not for the first time LEGO designers use the theme shortcut and set number on the sticker.
LEGO Classic
The truck
 This can also be seen in other sets, such as the LL (Legoland) inscription on the 6482-1: Rescue-Helicopter. In this case, this is a shortcut to the name of the theme with the set number at the registration plates. The saddle for the trailer at the rear of the vehicle is quite interesting, despite the fact that only a hole in the round bottom wedge is used for the connection. An interesting solution is a spare wheel here, which has a hidden function of the vehicle wheels steering. To my surprise, this mechanism is simply perfect. The wheel steers very smooth and its position at the back of the cabin is quite comfortable. By catching the cab at this place you can put the vehicle in motion without any problems and control it at will. Contrary to appearances, it is not so common, especially in Technic models. Not all have an easy-to-use wheel-steering mechanism or even there are cases where using the steering wheel is difficult.
LEGO Classic
The truck
The cabin is fully equipped. There are two seats with backrests, two levers and a steering wheel. I suspect the levers were supposed to imitate the gearbox and manual brake. The doors to the vehicle open up and the rear of the cabin has an additional side windows and rear window. Honestly I was surprised how smooth this vehicle is moving. The steering is easy and the wheels do not create any resistance. The place to grab the vehicle behind the spare wheel is properly balanced. In conclusion, there is nothing to complain about. Just grab it and play!

The helicopter and trailer

LEGO Classic
The helicopter
The only rare items in this set that are not universal or used many times previously are the windscreen of both the truck and the helicopter. Models would not look so good without them and it is completely understandable. The helicopter is also kept in black and red colors and likewise has a model number on the sticker placed at the doors. The skids were built of round bricks, which is strange and could suggest that it is a helicopter capable of landing on the water. I have not encountered such a real counterpart though. Helicopter skids are mostly flat and narrow. Nevertheless, it does not detract from the appearance. You can see that these skids are connected through by 4 studs only on one side.
LEGO Classic
The helicopter
However, this is not a problem and does not result in falling out for no reason. The main upper propeller and rear stabilizer is fully operational and despite the wide span there is no resistance to movement. I have always been curious as to whether these propellers are also on the crank as it is always in Technic aircraft models. In this case it is not, there is no mechanism hidden here. It can be said that this model is a large equivalent of a standard helicopter, which can be found for example in the 6357-1: Stunt-Copter-N-Truck set.
LEGO Classic
The helicopter
You can reach the cabin through the large doors the same as in the truck. Inside, you can find two smaller yellow seats with backrest, control rod and a number of controls near the seat as well as on the dashboard. The helicopter has two additional hinges at the top on both sides that allow the upper propeller to be fixed in position along the hull. This allows the helicopter to be transported freely.
LEGO Classic
The trailer and the chopper
The last and most important element in this set is the trailer. A long, four-wheeled trailer connects to the truck with a wedge. Linking the trailer is quite simple and smooth, and the move is quite realistic. Dimensions and track widths are well thought out, making this vehicle not only fun but also educational. The trailer can stand alone by spreading the support under the front. On top of it there are additional hinges which, when closed, immobilize the helicopter on the trailer. In conclusion, the helicopter can be stably positioned and transported without worrying of falling or the propeller going sideways. In the picture below I present all models of this set separately.
LEGO Classic
Truck with the chopper


The truck appeared in several presentations available in catalogs.
LEGO Classic
Source: Brickset.com 1990eu3.pdf Catalogue 1990 EU 3: Page 16 and 17: Model Team
Undoubtedly, it attracted the interest of many kids who lived their youth in the 1990s - including me. The models were excellent, and the thought of constructing it from over a thousand bricks strongly encouraged. The designs available in the Model Team series were primarily designed to look good and reproduce the original as best as possible. I think that goal was achieved in this case. This model has definitely place the mark in history and has become a legend now.
LEGO Classic
The helicopter

Alternative constructions

LEGO Classic
The packaging (back)
 You can not miss the alternative constructions. The Model Team sets have always had a thick instruction with tips for creation of two models, just like the Technic sets. In this case, the model of an aircraft transporter can be built. These are quite specific vehicles because they have a cabin at the lowest possible level. The wheels are located specially behind the cabin to make this possible. This gives the ability to attach the fuselage of an airplane to the upper part of the vehicle and tow it. It is also worth noting that the package contains an extra design of a truck with a beak and a container. There are no instructions for it, but it definitely catches attention. This is the beauty of LEGO bricks - with over a thousand bricks, which are mostly universal you can probably build many different models, not just those proposed here. Imagination and creativity only limit us and the fun can last for hours.
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