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2016, mar 26 22:50
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First of all, I invite you to watch the gallery of the Lego 6395 building process from which this scenery began.
The scenery is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular from '80s. To be exact, from 1989 year. It is quite difficult to reconstruct it completely, because it looks as if the designers bend reality a little in order to achieve a better effect. Great effect was definitely achieved, because it does look like one of the best presentations of the '80s. First thing that made me a problem during reconstruction was arrangement of the background buildings. Holiday Villa is placed at angle and it looks like designers cut couple of street plates especially to fit it in. Similar thing is with stables. If you take a closer look at the fire station, you will have a problem to determine how it was actually placed. It is placed at an angle too. Behind there is a straight road and exit road from the station is curved. Probably the designers have found it is better to cut a few streets and normal plates to get a better effect than stick to the standards. Perhaps they were right, but on the other hand, it is not too nice, because you will not be able to do the same with original LEGO sets as it is showed on the presentation. You may even notice a difference in the roads at the metro park. Again (as in Retor Town) in the catalog street plated were cut at the edges, to place metro park and fuel station closer. Nevertheless, reconstruction is possible, but 95% the same as in the catalog. The primary element displayed in the catalog is Shell racer, which is also rather difficult to reconstruct, because it is on relatively high curved hill. It covers an empty part of the scenery, because of what you might guess, next to the rescue helicopter nothing was placed. I decided to create landing place for the  helicopter and hospital next to it, and I changed the race route into one big circle.
This scenery is fully possible to reconstruct without interfering with the natural state of elements. I did not cut any street plates. The presentation available here everyone can reconstruct having a sufficient number of sets, elements of the environment and figures. This is the first such scene where I had to borrow figures from other sets, because I got short of them even when I had additional 20 free figures beyond those used in the available sets. About 30 figures from other sets I had to borrow, in summary it was approx. 50 more figures than the available in presented sets. I made 8 racers extra, in addition to the four available from a set of 6395-1: Victory Lap Raceway and one of the 6503-1: Sprint Racer. In addition, I used a set of 6381-1: Motor Speedway twice, where one instance is the alternate version. As a result, there are three places with grandstands and possible wheels replacement. Of course, main finish line is determined by a set of 6395-1: Victory Lap Raceway.
Finally, the effect is pretty cool, and once again we can see how brilliant ideas have been realized in the creation of Lego sets from the late 80s. I have used around 30 sets here, some of which are already reviewed on Clabrisic, and the rest will be sooner or later.

Have a nice watching!
2016, mar 26 22:50 (87 months, 12 days ago) by Rogdush
2017, oct 13 11:35 (68 months, 16 days ago) by Rogdush
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