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2015, sep 6 22:47
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Scenery presented below is the second town proposal from the catalog of the eighties, from 1988 to be accurate. The city has been called Airporen by me as the main element is the airport on the edge of the settlement. Similar sets has been used here to those found in the Retor Town. Reconstruction is not fully mapped though, there are some differences. I had to improvise a little bit with the motor shop, as I don't have full set. Nevertheless, I was able to create a similar building model. Just like in the Retor town, there are strange difference in width of road plates. It looks like someone trimmed plates to a specific size to meet the needs, instead of just use the 32x32 plate. This can be seen at the entrance to the car parking - the plate is trimmed at the begining. Plate of green behind the stables is not full, and looks like half plate - 16x32. Everything would be ok if not for the fact that there is no 16x32 road plate! Nevertheless, those are not significant differences and can be dealt with. Effect may be slightly changed, but generally looks the same and as you can see, this scenery is possible to create.
Another element is interesting here - the builder, he looks like he has been suspended in the air, standing on top of a red tall tower. I decided to continue on and have built quite tall tower for that purpose, on the top of which stands a worker. The town has been extended by two additional buildings, which are the police and the villa. All presented sets here were released in 1988 or earlier.
In summary, this is another brilliant presentation of the classic sets that despite the passage of years does not depreciate, quite the contrary. One of the most successful sets - metro park with gas station, the first airport of Lego, or one of the many firefighters buildings - all of these sets are interesting and unique.
2015, sep 6 22:47 (106 months, 8 days ago) by Rogdush
2017, oct 13 11:35 (80 months, 20 days ago) by Rogdush
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