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Torm Beach

2015, jun 16 00:48
Scenery designer:
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Place: Poland
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The main element of this scene is a beach located in the middle. Access from the sea to the water reservoir is possible only through a drawbridge. Public services available here are a hospital, a few policemen patrolling the area and firefighter with a fire truck. It is a rather quiet neighborhood area. Entrance through road is guarded by watchman in booth with barrier. Across the street there are mainly holiday homes. Red house at the end is not the fire department, it is my proposal of country house built using bricks from firefighters set. In addition, the courier with helicopter is available for fast package delivery and restaurant by the beach. At the scenery, you can see a lot of alternative proposals built from original sets. Not all of them are described in Brick World, but in proper time all of them will be presented.
2015, jun 16 00:48 (96 months, 25 days ago) by Rogdush
2017, oct 13 11:32 (68 months, 15 days ago) by Rogdush
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