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2015, may 14 02:06
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The first town that was established with initial sets described on Clabrisic. In addition to the sets of Lego Classic period, there are also my own sets made in an appropriate style for that period, and precisely they are: marina, cargo truck, mad offroad, engineers and construction chief.
The city is not big, but has a hospital, police station, fire department, airport and one house. All what is required to function in the city. In addition, several smaller sets were used here, such as watercrafts, cars, several construction sets, stunts, several aircrafts and additional police vehicles, fire brigade and ambulance. All this creates a town which is called Hortpund.
Lego sets are mainly from the 80s and a few 90s were used here. In the pictures below you can see the evolution of the city from the very beginning, when there was alone area. The pictures below shows construction of the airport and the further evolution of the town, when newer models and structures appeared , such as police station, watercraft or at the end the hospital. If you want to see the full process of building the airport or the police station, refer to the set review. Links are available below as well.
Couple of sets are built as alternative proposals using bricks only available in a given set of course. In my humble opinion it was definitely interesting in these times and using alternative proposals can build a lot of interesting configurations, limited only by your imagination!
2015, may 14 02:06 (97 months, 28 days ago) by Rogdush
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