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2015, may 31 14:41
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Place: Poland
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Racetrack presented here was built using a number of alternative proposals from the original sets, such as the two airports, fire department, hospital or holiday villa. All can be seen in related sets reviews below. Two vehicles present here are custom sets and couple of barriers on the road. All the buildings were built using bricks from the original Lego sets.
Half of the racers visible here is from the alternative sets as well. Most alternative proposals in sets of vehicles are racing cars.
You can check them in action in the additional gallery of the race here.

LEGO Classic

Racetrack has:
- Service for replacing tires as the tires in a place like race track is the most frequently changed.
- Hospital by ambulance and doctor's car, in the event of an accident can quickly react.
- Fire department with two fire trucks, fire hydrofoil and fire helicopter. Fire on the racetrack is also nothing unusual and certainly quick help of firemans will be useful.
- Workshop - where are the machines, and there must be a mechanic!
- Roadside Inn - along with a large yard for waiting for the race and every guest was Inn built on the racetrack!
- Tribune - Three grandstations are available and two rotatable lookouts! There will be definitely a seat for everyone who want to watch the race.
- The police - Police building in this scenery is not required, but motorcycle, jeep and helicopter are present, when some intervention will be needed or a traffic management will be required in the event of an accident.
2015, may 31 14:41 (111 months, 12 hours ago) by Rogdush
2017, oct 13 11:32 (82 months, 4 days ago) by Rogdush
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