LEGO Classic: Gebrimont - Coal Depot

Coal Depot

2022, sep 26 18:41
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I would like to present another part of Gebrimont County. This is the place, where the rail tracks lead to the Foresville, we can find Coal Depot.
LEGO Classic
Coal depot overview
Coal reloading is actually in progress!
LEGO Classic
Coal depot overview
On the road you can find a place to rest.
LEGO Classic
Place to rest
As well as a place to repair the car.
LEGO Classic
Car workshop
The policeman is vigilant!
LEGO Classic
There is a railroad crossing with automatic turnpikes on the exit road from the county.
LEGO Classic
Road crossing
Nearby you can eat a burger or refuel your car at a Shell gas pumps!
LEGO Classic
Hamburger bar
A passenger train rushes from the Foresville!
LEGO Classic
Road crossing
In the distance, in the woods, there are the ruins of the old castle of the Lion Knights !!
The legend says it was a giant and great castle once.
LEGO Classic
Lion Knights old castle ruins!
That's all the interesting facts about this part of the county.
LEGO Classic
Upper view

Feel free to check whole gallery!
2022, sep 26 17:18 (21 months, 7 days ago) by Rogdush
2022, sep 26 18:41 (21 months, 6 days ago) by Rogdush
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