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Research Base

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In 2002, a special research team secretly studied the ice planet Krysto using rockets and satellites. After 23 years everything has been discovered and it is time to expand on a new planet. In 2025, the research team is taking Frekryod planet as the new target! Although, this planet is not fully ice as the previous one. This time the planet is closer to the star, but rotational movement is so slow that one part is completely covered with ice and the second is in the black rock of not known origin. That's not all, because the planet is already settled by people from other factions - M-Tron's and Blacktron's.
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Cosmonauts from M-Tron faction are using the power of magnets to search and collect resources, which are a trans-green neon rocks. Newly arrived research team is not a problem for them. However, Blacktron's are lurking in the vicinity and they are not so friendly. Nevertheless, space police is scanning this planet also and they do not allow for attacks so easly.

Research Base

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Research base
The research team decided to deploy its base on the ice part of the planet. However, near the end of the snow a black rock begns in the west. Nevertheless, enough snow can be found to start the research. Frozen river stretches from the north and turns to the east.
The main task of the researchers is firing the rockets with satellites to the orbit of the planet for research purposes. They possess a series of missiles with multiple possibilities of launching and transportation.
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The loading station
Research base has mechanisms to carry missiles using magnets and launch them in the space.
The loading station is located on the ice, where a rocket can be moved to another transporter without much problem.

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Drilling snow
The researchers are very much busy, they are assembling and preparing rockets in several places. In addition they possess chainsaws, with which they can adjust the snow hills in the form of prisms typical for this planet.


All sets released in Ice Planet 2002 subtheme back in 1993 were used here in this scenery with two additional sets released in 1994 as polybag version. Several alternative proposals available on the back of the packaging for rocket transporter or celestial sleds can also be found in this scenery.
The loading station placed on ice is my own idea and a few other small structures as sled or storage areas.
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Orange elements
The most distinctive elements of this subtheme are definitely a transparent orange bricks that are present in the form of saws, skis, windows or lights. No other transparent color has been used in this subtheme, only orange. Moreover, only three colors of bricks were used - blue, white and black. We will not find any gray brick (excluding wheels connectors), red or yellow. Contrary to appearances, this is very important, because these strict rules adhere to a particular color or templates as white skis or white vehicle wheels created the unique atmosphere of ice around these structures. All projects sets despite its abstract nature, straight from a sci-fi, have their specific and reasonable purpose and was built with the behavior of the logic without unnecessary eye-candy multi colored unnecessary features.
Generally all buildings, vehicles or ships seen here have been designed according to the template of Ice Planet 2002 subtheme, which unfortunately was not continued. In 1994 two minor polybags were released and that's about it. It can actually be compared to Paradisa subtheme of Town, which also did not last long and it was a kind of an interesting branch of the main theme.
Nevertheless, despite the small amount of sets, it is possible to create fairly large research base on the ice planet.
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