LEGO Classic: Frekryod - M-Tron's Station

M-Tron's Station

2017, jun 10 15:32
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In this part of the Frekryod planet three factions meets in quite different areas. In the north, a snow-covered part of the planet spreads, where the sun is not reaching enough. Thanks to that, the remains of ancient civilizations have been preserved in ice and snow. Researchers are just trying to discover it.
To the west, where the area is covered with black rock, Blackthrons hides and scouts.
In the south, however, the area is covered with red rock. The planet is indeed diverse. At this point, the M-Tron faction decided to put its station where it could store the gathered crystals and communicate with the central base.
Three spaceports for spacecrafts are located on the roof of the station.
Finally, the Mega Core Magnetizer has come to the station to help with the extraction of crystals!
I invite you to see the full gallery below, where you can see this scenery closer from different perspectives.
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