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Wild Forest

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The story

LEGO Classic
Wild forest
Driving the main road in the leisure area heading west, just behind the motor shop the forest begins, wild forest where strange things happen. Crazy knights fighting, hidden stashes, wild horses or dogs. Marauding dangerous and oversized spiders chill blood in vains. Villains like to use such forests to their evil plans and smuggling spoils of plunder. Any peaceful inhabitant of the Bebricton city avoids this forest, passing through the southern route only when he must get to the other side of town.
LEGO Classic
The beach
 However, north of the forest a calm beach is located, where the madness from within the trees do not dare to pass. This is where people enjoy the charms of sand and water, where tall palm trees with broad leaves provide perfect shade, preventing burns from the sun. Jetski and swimming, this is on daily basis. Jumping monkey looking for a banana can be found between the palms or parrots hanging out in vegetation, copying sounds of every creature, which passes. That's not all, because between the palm trees some people are resting on the sun loungers.
LEGO Classic
House in the forest
To the west of the beach is a cottage in the woods, where people met on holiday for talk while sipping drinks. The cottage is located in the more calm western part of the forest. The building is modest in size and does not have a bed inside. Therefore longer stay is not possible here. Vacationists came to rest among the trees and the chirping of birds in small car and a camper. In addition, there is a red motorboat, in which one of them can traverse the wide horizons of water spreading in the north.

LEGO Classic
The train
Throughout wild forest railroad is located, through which a train travels from city center to the leisure area on the east. The small train station is here as well, just off the road, behind the forest to the west. Railroads separate forest and beach from the southern part of the city.
At the very edge of the forest, behind the railroad there is area for remotely controlled airplanes. Big tower with satellite, which handles the transmission with aircrafts. Four large airplanes are available, each with its own number at the front. Remote pilots are preparing machines for launch. However, on the right side of the tower you can see that someone is trying to climb stealthily to the top.
LEGO Classic
Remotely controlled airplanes
Who could it be? What do he wants? Is it not by coincidence a lost cosmonaut, who checked the antenna on the fire station building in the center of flights and stealthily walked behind the train station at the leisure area? Hah, very possible. Do he find what he needs here?
LEGO Classic
Lost astronaut!
Will he finally find the appropriately strong antenna to send a signal to his men in space? Further fate of the astronaut you can see in the gallery below here.

LEGO Classic
 In the western part, on the road to the center of the city an accident happened. Day in Bebricton would be dull without some event. Unfortunately, this time it is unfortunate accident, because the woman was hit on the crosswalk by a car driven by another woman! The police are already on site along with an ambulance. Paramedic unit is near, so adequate help will be given to the injured woman. The car also suffered, but tow truck is coming already and nearby mechanic will not be bored long with sorting out the tires!
Fire department building is located in the southern part of the city. Firefighters have at their disposal a full arsenal. Large fire truck, fire chief car, a smaller fire truck and a fully equipped helicopter to fight the fire! 
LEGO Classic
Fire station
 It is almost certain that in the event of a fire in the forest it will be quickly suppressed. Firefighters are fully ready for action. On the main road leading to the city center a snack bar is located.  On hot days, drink sell in huge quantities and customers are never missing. Chef can serve various snacks in addition to drinks. That's not all, because right behind the snack bar a mechanic with his workshop is present. He decided to clean up around the workshop with his wife, although from what we can see, he will not have too much spare time. Another customer comes leading his broken bike. The mechanic has to his the disposal a large hangar for repairs. On the right side of the workshop a car wash is located, which all owners of the small vehicles like to use.
LEGO Classic
Snack bar
Small stop along with the mail box can be found to the east, at the entrance to the Bebricton leisure area. Bizarre situation happened here, where a woman has decided to park a car without a stress in the middle of the road. She needs to send a letter only, it will take a moment! Angry truck driver communicate his remarks from the cabin of the vehicle by leaning his head, as he can not drive through.
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
Post box
 Beside the mailbox there is a small bench with roof for those seeking rest. Airport assistant had to run a long way after all with this letter! He had missed the post office in the leisure area?

It's all in this crazy part of the city. Wide water horizons at the north and west part of the city center awaits for discovery. Dread to think what will going to happen there!

Techical curiosities

The scenery consists mostly of alternative proposals for large sets such as 6394-2: Workshop or Lego-6395-2. In addition, most of the sets here were released in the late 80s. Some constructions are my own, small cars such as the yellow car near mailbox or a large truck to transport large-scale construction vehicles, without the trailer this time. A hidden stash of individuals posing as knights is my own design for the needs of this scenery. However, it is a structure fully made of bricks available in 6054-1: Forestmen's Hideout set, without any additions.This is the first scene, in which I used my new project for the implementation of the land in the form of connected reusable land tiles with dimensions of 256x256mm (10x10") - same as any baseplate with 32x32 studs. Tiles have tabs hidden underneath, which helps to connect two squares like puzzles. After the junction of two tiles it is possible to further tighten them with specially designed paper clip to secure them before disjoinng. I designed the squares so it is possible to create them with single sheet of A3 block paper along with four tabs underneath - on each side. In addition, a piece of thick paper remains, from which paper clips can be made. Tissue-paper, few glue sticks and block of technical paper for a few EUR, USD or GBP is enough to create even 10 of these squares. The effect can be seen above. This scene consists of a grid of 7x9 squares. Under the street plates there are no tiles. Tabs goes under the plate and fit almost perfectly. Creation of one square takes some time, especially with wavy color transition on the beach or in a different shade of green. However, these squares can be used many times and most importantly, they can be combined in any way possible. In the end, they have each side in the same size.If you are interested in my project of land tile creation and you would like to know more about how to do this yourself, be sure to contact me through the 'Contact' button in the upper menu or in the comments section below. If more people will be interested in how to do this, I will write an article about it.
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