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Space Port

2017, feb 27 15:53
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You can find a variety of interesting structures in Bebricton city. To the north of the flight center and to the east of the deep sea a space port is located, which can be reached only from the northern part of the city by bridge.
Spaceport primarily consists of a platform to boot spacecraft.
The task of the ship is to place satellite in orbit. The operator will deploy it using a mechanical arm after reaching the destination.
The firefighters station is to the west of the port, which if necessary is able to quickly respond to a possible problem when booting.
On the bridge you can see a new spacecraft during transport.
Airport can be found next to the space port, where passenger aircraft and smaller planes are present.
At the shore, however, is a beach where you can find people having fun by simply swimming, jet skiing or windsurfing.
Solid bridge leads to the northern part of the Bebricton city still undiscovered.
You can not also miss the old ruins of the castle, which are currently plundered by bandits.
They may have a problem though, because the police is going to start the patrol nearby.
Feel free to check out the rest of the pictures in the gallery below.
2017, feb 27 15:53 (86 months, 29 days ago) by Rogdush
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