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2016, may 22 17:44
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This is a continuation of the leisure area, where wide water horizons water spread to the north.
In this scenery you can find most interesting sets released in the early 90s. Starting from two seaport sets 6541-1: Intercoastal Seaport and 6542-1: Launch & Load Seaport, which undoubtedly marked theirs place in the history of Lego. The next set is the international airport of 6396-1: International Jetport or fire station 6389-1: Fire Control Center. Unique police precinct could not be missing of course, with its little port and boats. After I joined all those sets it turned out, that a lot of containers pop up for which there is no place. Therefore, I decided to create a building for the storage of containers as an alternative to the set of 6394-1: Metro Park & Service Tower. We can say that this scenery shows ​​transportation area. At the airport you can see transport aircraft, where the small boxes are loaded into a large container. While the container is transported to the seaport and there loaded onto the ship.
In the presentation, you can find some of my designs, such as the small pier with the booth before the fire station or a small transport truck designed for the transportation of one container. However, most buildings and vehicles presented here are the original Lego sets from the 90s.

In addition, you may notice a few threads that appear in other sceneries of the Bebricton city, but I leave them to self-discovery.
2016, may 22 17:44 (91 months, 24 days ago) by Rogdush
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