LEGO Classic: Bebricton - Restonidrot Island

Restonidrot Island

2017, apr 24 01:56
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On the island of Restonidrot, the residents of Bebricton can relax, swim, ride a horse or even dance. It is the second paradise location where you can find peace and relaxation. The road from the south leads across the bridge to all the interesting places on the island. Starting from the cafe next to the coast just before the bridge.
Next, you can come across a villa that is constantly taken and booked for months to come.
To the west of the villa is a disco, where the DJ is currently playing music.
In the north, a stable is located, where people can try their best to ride a horse.
On the east side of the island you can find a beach stretching practically throught the entire length.
At this point people swim or surf on boards along with the dolphins.
Bored with waiting for catch fishermen can also be found here.
Finally, you can find some of the leftovers from medieval castle all over the place.
Legend has that long time ago one of the biggest battles in Bebricton's history took place here.


This is the next part of Bebricton. Alternative ideas from original sets have been used here, along with some original designs. However, to keep it a little different from the paradise island located to the east, I decided to create other structures. Honestly, some of them are quite interesting. The alternative version of the stables is a cool idea or a disco instead of a villa. The best thing is that the available bricks in each set can be used to construct many interesting buildings or vehicles, not just one.
2017, apr 24 01:56 (80 months, 13 days ago) by Rogdush
2017, oct 13 10:32 (74 months, 20 days ago) by Rogdush
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