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Every human sooner or later needs to rest in order to regain strength and desire to continue working. Rest on a beach in the warmth of the sun near the seashore seems to be one of the most relaxing. This Bebricton residents can come to the paradise island where the beach stretches around the shore.

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The coastal bar
Coastal bar together with a lifeguard is in the middle of the island, where surfers go crazy on their boards. People can buy drinks or ice creams here and cool down a little.

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The toilets
Two toilets can be found at the east side from the bar along with a small platform. Pier with a small booth for fishermen is located right behind the toilets.

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The stable
Leaving the beach, walking toward the road, you can come across a big stable. Keepers are transporting hay for horses at this time. Two jeeps are available with customized trailers for horses transportion.

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The playground
Near the stables is a small area with the ice cream parlor and several benches. Kids run around nearby the playground, which has a sandbox, swing and slide.

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The Villa
The road leads to a luxury villa that stands out from all buildings. It's hard to miss large semicircular window on the second floor, where a table with two chairs is placed. In addition to the spectacular design solutions, a swimming pool is present with the jumping board.

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The second beach on the east of the villa is occupied by sunbathers who enjoy the low water level in the area.

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Observation point
On the hill is a small observation point with two seats, which can be reached using the stairs.

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The wreck of a pirate ship
Very old wreck of a pirate ship is on the shore to the east. It is badly ruined and nature do not spare it as well. Weeds are beginning to slowly devour it. The remains of the former pirate still lie inside the ship. It is not a problem for two freaks who are jumping around, play as pirates fighting on sabers and climbing the mast which is rather not very stable.

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The lighthouse
To the southeast, near the island a lighthouse was built. Small shop and two chairs are at the ground level. At the top of the building, however, a rotating light signal can be found, which informs ships in the distance about the location of the island. There is also a small balcony where the telescope was installed.

Technical informations

LEGO Classic
Jeep with motorboat
The majority of sets used here are the most interesting proposals of the sub-theme Lego Paradisa. 6409-1: Island Arcade set is missing only, which would fit into this scenery pretty well. Nevertheless, there is a small playground for children. In addition, I made some of my own creations as gray quad next to the toilets, jeep with boat on the trailer, yellow convertible version of 6416' car and a building with a roof on hay for horses.
These sets create a fairly unique atmosphere. However, those sets completely do not fit with the usual Town theme, which is why the best option is to create a separate island for it. This is what happened in Bebricton. Residents can get here through the sea from the south or through west road.
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