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Octan Racing

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In this part of Bebricton town races are organized by Octan company. Low-profile racing cars on smooth wheels race here through designated circular route. Octan station stands not far away on access road located at the west. At the end of the road a police station was built with a small pier.
LEGO Classic
Police Station
The police station has a prison in a separate building on the water, making it more difficult for convicts to escape.
LEGO Classic
Train station
The double railway track has been built on a bridge crossing the route. In the middle is a large railway station raised to the second floor, under which you can find several small clothes shops and bars with drinks.
LEGO Classic
Small workshop is located behind the railway station, where racers or owners of normal cars can make a quick repairs. The accident, however, is not something that rarely happens on the racetrack. The audience gathered in several places cheering race drivers.
LEGO Classic
Octan building is located at the finish line, where couple of seats are present at the second floor for observers. Operators sits at the last floor controling the race.
LEGO Classic
Race Control Center
Quick repairs or tire-exchange can be made at the finish line when needed.
LEGO Classic
Finish line

Technical curiosities

Most of the sets present here has been released in the 90s. The era of red-yellow Shell ended in 1992, when a new era of red-green Octan has began. You can find a lot of sets with logo of the new petrol company here. The railway station and the train, however, is older, because from the mid 80s. Although it still fits with the newer sets in this case. You can also find some of my design as small fire station building or the race control building at the finish line. The workshop behind the station is an alternative proposal of fire station building from 6571-1: Flame Fighters set.

Let me know what you think about this scenery in the comment section below. Thanks and have a nice watching! More than 1 hundred pictures with details of this scenery can be found below.
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