LEGO Classic: Bebricton - Mud Racing

Mud Racing

2016, jun 23 20:30
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This small scenery shows a part of the Bebricton city north of the wild forest, which is connected to it by the road and the sea coast. To the east you can find the open sea where two drilling rigs extract oil. The main attraction in this part are the mud races. I was inspired by a set of 6510-1: Mud Runner, in which we have a small vehicle designed just for mud racing. The second vehicle which fits here perfectly is sand racer from 6528-1: Sand Storm Racer. I've created three additional vehicles on the pattern of mud racer, which gives a total of five players.At the coast, however, you can find a few houses. The first house is a white-and-red villa, which a couple visits on vacation. Further buildings are much smaller. The first yellow building behind the villa belongs to a fisherman who apparently likes to drink. The second building is inhabited by a kayaker who likes to practice his skills at the coast before he moves to other location to flow with the river. The last building is occupied be a diver. Small pier is located at the end of the coast, where sailors like to hang out. The rest of the coast is accessible from the road and couple of vacationers with a camper decided to park under a palm tree. Before the Shell station a acciddent happened at the turn, where the two cars collided. Apparently the lack of rear lights in hot rod was not so unimportant after all.
Inside the mud race lap a small square is located for Monster Truck show.

LEGO Classic
Crash drive!

Don't forget to check out Monster Truck Derby gallery, where White Monster crashes car wreckages!
2016, jun 23 20:30 (98 months, 1 day ago) by Rogdush
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