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2016, feb 20 17:02
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Place: Poland
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This is the second part of a larger city, which I decided to name Bebricton. This is a continuation of the previous scenery: . The common element of both sceneries is a petrol station Octan and the road around it.
In this scene we sets from the 80s and 90s appeared, mainly recreational. In the middle is an alternate version of 7745-1: High-Speed City Express train with railway station. Instruction contains only train and railway station, but it would be strange without the passenger wagon. Therefore I decided to switch base of the station to gray plates from a different set, and the base of the wagon I used to build passenger version.
Three holiday houses are located in the lower zone. Two original sets and one as an alternate version of the police station set 6386.
Unfortunatelly, two accidents have happened in a residential zone. One car lost a wheel and two cars collided at the intersection. Someone have not give the right of way!
The second part of the scenery behind the tracks are holiday houses and a restaurant. There is also a clinic for the ones with need.

This is not the end, as you can see the road and rails do not end and as the water leaves the wide horizons!
2016, feb 20 17:02 (102 months, 5 days ago) by Rogdush
2017, oct 13 10:40 (82 months, 4 days ago) by Rogdush
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