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Industrial Zone

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On the road
Car factory takes most of the space in this part of Bebricton city. Vehicles moving through the city streets are manufactured here. It looks quite inconspicuously, like a big warehouse from the outside. However, all the mechanisms required to manufacture the vehicle step by step are installed inside. You can read more about the factory in a separate review 90041-1: Car Factory.
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Loading station
Loading station is located across the street from the car factory, where coal is loaded from a train to truck and vice versa, depending on the order.
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Railway passage
Lineman guards railway crossing in the building located at the high platform. The road to south leads to the city center.
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Brick factory
Near the car factory a second factory is located - it produces bricks this time. This is the place, where workers create all the bricks needed to construct buildings in the city. Bricks are placed in the container immediately, which is moved after filling by a crane onto the truck. Some of them are transported to other parts of the Bebricton city to create new buildings and some of them are transported to the seaport and exported out of the city through the containership.
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Residential Area
Small residential area with few houses is present in the northern part of the city.
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Railway station
Residents can get to other parts of the city through a train by going to the railway station.
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The forest
Behind the station is a forest, where you can find the ruins of the old buildings from the time of the middle ages. However, those are occupied by the old enthusiasts pretending to be knights from that ages. To make the fun more realistic, they've decided to bring real gold in treasure chests. It was not too clever idea though, because couple of thieves are lurking in the forest.
LEGO Classic
Small stable is located near the train station, which is a continuation of the larger version in the eastern part - mud racing.
Technical information

Unfortunately, LEGO virtually did not released any industrial set in Town theme from the 80s to mid 90s. Therefore, the buildings located here are mostly my own creations. Alternate versions of some of the sets can be found here as well, like a railway station or a small stable. In summary, only few structures in this part of the city are the original sets. However, I always try to create structures in similar style and design to classic LEGO Town theme.
Several links to other parts of the city in less or more obvious form can be found in the industrial zone. I leave it to self-discovery.
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