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Go-cart Track

2017, dec 16 18:20
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In this part of Bebricton, the main attraction is the go-cart track, where residents can race on small and fast vehicles.
LEGO Classic
Go-cart track
On the bridge you can see a space shuttle crew transporting the shuttle to the south, where space port is located.
LEGO Classic
Shuttle crew
By the shore, however, there is a water port with a restaurant where a passenger yacht has just arrived.
LEGO Classic
The water port
The fans have at their disposal quite large footbridge over the track, thanks to which nothing escapes theirs attention!
LEGO Classic
Go-cart track
Garage for go-karts is located on the east side of the track, where new vehicle is being unloaded from a transport truck.
LEGO Classic
Go-cart garage
Snacks could not be missing during such attraction for hungry and thirsty fans.
LEGO Classic
Undoubtedly, objects that focus attention in addition to the track are residential blocks.
LEGO Classic
Blocks of flats
Residents can even watch the race from their balcony!
LEGO Classic
Blocks of flats
There is a small kiosk near the block where people can buy the latest newspapers.
LEGO Classic
Behind the blocks there is also a motorcycle shop, where you can repair or buy motorcycle in case of problems.
LEGO Classic
Motorcycle shop
The expressway stretches behind the blocks, but it is unclear where it heads to.
LEGO Classic
Blocks of flats
Feel free to visit Clabrisic and check out in near future!
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