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Flight Center

2015, dec 21 00:19
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This is not the first scenery with airport at Clabrisic, but nevertheless it is the first scenery with all airports released by Lego in a Town series!
Exactly three airports, two of which have already been reviewed on Clabrisic - 6392-1: Airport, 6396-1: International Jetport. A third airport is the latest and the biggest from 1994 year - 6597-1: Century Skyway consisting of approx. 900 bricks.
Most of the sets presented here is from the 90s. It is the scenery quite different from the previous, were most ot the sets were from 80s. Structure of buildings is slightly different, stickers of police and figure torsos are also new. Despite slight changes, the sets still perfectly fit with sets of 80s as you can see in this presentation.
Three runways and three airport terminals are here. Not only passenger flights are available, but also cargo transport. There is even a special loading zone with two forklifts. Next to the terminal from 6597 set is a garden with a platform for those who want to see the plane in action.
Police building is a 6398-1: Central Precinct HQ set. It is the largest police set in a series of Town, as can be seen building is tall and consists of two parts connected with bridge. Fire brigade building is the latest in a series of Town (not counting, of course, Juniorised) 6571-1: Flame Fighters. The building includes sectional doors in garages, which is common design in fire station buildings. Most newer sets of 90s are not yet reviewed at  Clabrisic when I write this article, but in time they will be done.
In this presentation you can notice a few curiosities and interaction between figures. I will leave it to self-discovery.
Feel free to view gallery!

2015, dec 21 00:19 (99 months, 15 days ago) by Rogdush
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