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City Hall
 Each city, whether large or small has its center. Bebricton is no different in this matter. City Hall is the main building here, where the clerks and the mayor have their place of work and can serve the residents. Inside the city hall on the ground floor there is a small waiting room next to the clerk's desk, where the locals comes with theirs businesses. Recording center is located on the next floor, where all telephone calls are stored. Mayor's office is on the top floor with a small balcony. At the very top of the building is sign characteristic for the Bebricton city - the trumpet, which appears only at a specific time.

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Small park is located at front of the city hall, where you can find a large bouquet of flowers among spruces and a few benches for those seeking rest.

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The restaurant
Restaurant could not be missing in the center of the city. The building surrounded by palm trees is located in the southern part near the road. Population in the city center is much greater and can be seen as full of wondering residents on the streets getting their jobs done.

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Gas station
 In addition, you can find a parking garage and a petrol station in the city, where minor repairs are performed. In the event of more serious problems with the vehicle the client can go to the workshop across the street.

Road and railtrack at the east of the center leads to the Wild Forest behind which wide horizons of water are spreading.
LEGO Classic
The bridge and train
LEGO Classic
Train station
Speeding train in the background on a red bridge transports passengers from the leisure area to the center and back. Railtrack do not end at the railway station and goes further to the south. You can notice another node of railtracks also from the west to the north, which remains for the moment a mystery.
In addition to all buildings providing various services in the center of the city, a residential buildings can be found with two houses at the east. Something always happens in Bebricton and its never boring. Couple of interactions are presented in few places and some special characters are present from other parts of the city. I leave it to self-discovery.

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