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Cargo Zone

2017, oct 8 11:58
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Place: Poland
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This part of the town of Bebricton joins the sea from the main sea port, Restonidrot Island and the western side of the railroad from the Octan race track.
Guests may arrive to Restonidrot Island via the train through the port connected to the train station.
LEGO Classic
Train station
Passenger ship will take them to the island after that.
LEGO Classic
Passenger ship
The second railway is used to transport coal and containers.
LEGO Classic
Coal depot
Coal, however, is used in power plants to supply the entire city of Bebricton.
LEGO Classic
Power Plant
The second freight train is waiting at the loading station to load the containers and goods to the wagon.
LEGO Classic
Loading zone
As if that was not enough, just before the train crossing happened an accident. Hot Rod drivers decided to chase in the city, which resulted in collision with the cyclist.
LEGO Classic
The accident
To get to the city harbor you have to cross the drawbridge.
LEGO Classic
Draw bridge
To the north you will see a spreading view of the beach located on Restonidrot Island.
LEGO Classic
The beach


The cargo zone contains sets from the early 80's and 90's. Many of the designs visible here are custom. All buildings and machines are built with the standard classic scheme. Buildings, ships or own vehicles were constructed because they lacked their counterparts in the original sets. It is strange that a passenger ship have not been released as original set, it is pretty common idea. Some of the most interesting 12V trains sets have been used here, such as the 7740-1: Inter-City Passenger Train Set or the 7823-1: Container Crane Depot. Also in this scenery you can find as many as 4 trains and each with a set of wagons! This is a record for Bebricton city.
The fact that this part of the city of Bebricton joins the already existing four parts is also the reason for this diversity in the area.
However, it was possible to place everything together!
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