LEGO Classic: Babrichorn - Wolfugrod Forest

Wolfugrod Forest

2017, feb 18 14:34
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I present the first scenery from the Middle Ages on Clabrisic. You can see here the knights from each fraction. Lion Knights, Black Falcons, Dragon Knights, Forest Knights and the Wolves of the early 90s. The main element is the forest where ineptly forest knights are hiding and try to defend against the attack of a lion knights currently.
LEGO Classic
Forest knights fighting
The black falcons storm the stronghold of the dragon knights using catapults nearby.
LEGO Classic
Storming Falcons
Lion Knights do not fool around when it comes to defending maidens!
LEGO Classic
The fight
A little calmer in the south, where the blacksmith forges new equipment and horseshoes.
LEGO Classic
The blacksmith
Near the water, however, a small bench under the red roof is located for feasting. As you can see, someone here thought that he can drink any amount of the wine!
LEGO Classic
Main view
Dragon Knights are guarding the wizard on the hill, who is trying to invent a new spell that will allow him to bring the thunder from the sky! However, he does not have much time.
LEGO Classic
The wizard
The river to the east, you can traverse by boat or bridge.
LEGO Classic
Upper view
The black falcons have their own castle on the other side of the river, which is pretty well supplied.
LEGO Classic
The castle
Lion knights are currently storming the Wolves castle at the north too! Undoubtedly they are trying to get rid of all renegades from the area.
LEGO Classic
Storming Wolves Castle

Technical informations

I used couple of original sets here, which will be added soon in the appropriate section. There are also some alternative ideas like a small bench under the roof in the forest or a place for a horse next to the wolves bench under red roof. Falcon's Castle is my own design, as I still haven't managed to buy any of the original LEGO set with castle. Therefore I decided to build my own. In fact, you can see all castle sets that I have so far in this scenery. It is not much, but still it is enough to create a skirmishes presentation of five fractions available in the 80s and the Wolves of the early 90s. I invite you to see the full gallery below.
2017, feb 18 14:34 (85 months, 8 days ago) by Rogdush
2017, oct 14 22:54 (77 months, 10 days ago) by Rogdush
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