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On the island far away to tne north the Dragon Knights decided to built a castle and name it Dragonidrot. Water spreads around the structure, what makes the only possible entrance through the drawbridge and the raised gate. Knights secured in case of an attack, but would that be enough? The Lion Knights will not forgive the kidnapping of a princess who is imprisoned in one of the dark dungeons of Dragonidrot Castle!

The Dragon Knights are just preparing to repel the attack of the Lion Knights, what was expected.

The Lion Knights, on the other hand, are well prepared for the rescue of the princess.

However, behind the walls of the castle a knights tournament is organized.

Four entrance gates are in the castle walls, but it is possible to enter the island through the one only.

Inside the castle there is also an inn and an armourer.

I invite you to check out second gallery presenting the siege, which is available here.
LEGO Classic
The fight

Technical curiosities

You can find many original modular sets connected together in this scenery. Including the 6085-1: Black Monarch's Castle or the 6059-1: Knight's Stronghold. However, most of the wall, two large towers on the right or the yellow inn are my own constructions created to fill the gap. It is true, that the sets with the wall only or red inn were released back in the 80s, but they were not used in this scenery.
2017, apr 15 00:58 (88 months, 6 days ago) by Rogdush
2017, oct 14 22:56 (82 months, 3 days ago) by Rogdush
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