G-Prex Circuit
2016, mar 26 22:50
First of all, I invite you to watch the gallery of the Lego 6395 building process from which this scenery began. The scenery is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular from '80s. To be exact, from 1989 year. It is quite difficult to reconstruct it co...
2015, sep 6 22:47
Scenery presented below is the second town proposal from the catalog of the eighties, from 1988 to be accurate. The city has been called Airporen by me as the main element is the airport on the edge of the settlement. Similar sets has been used here ...
Retor Town
2015, sep 5 22:32
Introduction The small town presented here is a reconstruction of the scenery from the Lego 1988 catalog. Catalogues from 80s and 90s had something special. Sceneries filled with bricks, perfectly arranged, showing several actions involving usually a...
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