The Farm
2015, jul 26 03:51
In this scene, you can find several agricultural models, most of which come from the alternative proposals with the original sets. Combine Harvester, tractor with sprinkler or tractor with a plow - that's all you can do having several small Lego sets...
2015, jul 8 09:43
It is a small town having a fairly sizable airport. Three runways, one international terminal, aircraft service and a restaurant next to the terminal. The airport can be reached via train. The train station with a footbridge and a covered platform is...
Torm Beach
2015, jun 16 00:48
The main element of this scene is a beach located in the middle. Access from the sea to the water reservoir is possible only through a drawbridge. Public services available here are a hospital, a few policemen patrolling the area and firefighter with...
Formula 1 Prex
2015, may 31 14:41
Racetrack presented here was built using a number of alternative proposals from the original sets, such as the two airports, fire department, hospital or holiday villa. All can be seen in related sets reviews below. Two vehicles present here are cust...
2015, may 14 02:06
The first town that was established with initial sets described on Clabrisic. In addition to the sets of Lego Classic period, there are also my own sets made in an appropriate style for that period, and precisely they are: marina, cargo truck, mad of...
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