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2017, dec 23 19:58
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I would like to present an excellent LEGO catalog Frisk I Trafik from 1989 year, which I recently managed to see thanks to Evans. Evans is one of the LEGO classics fans and a member of the Clabrisic forum. Thanks Evans for finding this unique item!
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The catalog in question is unique in two ways. From what I was able to determine, it was only released with a set of LEGO-1952-1, which promoted the Danish company MD Foods. In the set you could find a truck carrying milk with the appropriate company logo. Many of such sets were released, but for the first time I see that such a wonderful catalog has been added to one set only. The second way of uniqueness is the city it presents. It was a huge surprise to me when I saw this city. Most of the LEGO catalogs at that time represented more of small towns than large conglomerations. In this case, it's like teleportation to 2015 and the City theme. However, in the new City's catalogs we have artificial, often faded and CGI rendered buildings in the background than real constructions made of LEGO bricks. What impressed me the most in the 1989 catalog are residential buildings. This is something beautiful. These buildings were built with complete preservation of patterns in the 80's and there was no need to draw or render artificial buildings in the background to give the impression of a big city. You can do everything naturally using bricks only. All these constructions can be recreated. I invite you to look at the entire catalog here.
It was this catalog that inspired me to create buildings in the newest part of the Bebricton city - Go-cart Track. As you can see, creating similar structures is fully possible!
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