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2017, apr 27 21:49
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The Classic in XL sizeIntroduction
This time, I would like to present a sample of XL classics. The theme of the Model Team and Technic.
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The Model Team theme contained pretty small amount of sets. It appeared in 1986 and ended around 2000. There were only 16 models, but most of them were very successful and was not forgotten.
The Technic theme, however, was created very long time ago and is still present today. There was a huge range of models ranging from small racers or motorbikes to big excavators or cranes.
The difference between the Model Team and Technic models is noticeable in two things. Firstly, the Model Team were vehicles created for the look and feel. They were supposed to be built and resemble real counterparts.
Technic models, on the other hand, focused primarily on functionalities rather than appearance. All possible things had to be movable. It was the beauty of those models and every engineer was eager to build another model.
The second difference is size. Technic models were created in two formats during the 80s and 90s. The first was the size capable for Technic figurine. These models usually contained a seat in special part such as the LEGO-8460-1. The second format was much larger and introduced huge models such as the LEGO-8865-1, which measured about 40 cm. Technic figures just dissapeared in it. However, only several models were released in such format and this allowed for additional technical possibilities, as more gears could be placed.
Size of Model Team was between Town and Technic. This can be seen in the 5590-1: Whirl and Wheel Super Truck set, where truck had wheels in the size of a Technic's motorcycle.

However, all the models within the specific theme are suitably matched to each other and there is nothing to complain about here. Two Technic's formats were not, however, specifically separeted, but only a few models of vehicles and motorcycles were released in large size.

I present the previews of three models for now:
5590-1: Whirl and Wheel Super Truck

Let me know if you would like to see wider reviews of these sets, or maybe you have enough of reading another reviews of the same old sets and just a couple of photos in the scenery typical for my creations on Clabrisic is enough?
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