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2018, jan 17 00:52
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New method of reviewing setsIntroduction
Hello all! Recently, a few new things have happened on Clabrisic, about which I would like to write something more in this topic.
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I've designed a new way to review sets last week in the form of presentations. I realize that technologically this is not something new, because a similar form of presentation on various websites has been present for some time. However, at Clabrisic it is completely different and new. I can honestly say that it is much easier to present a set in such a form when I have a specific image at once and the ability to describe the set simultaneously with its presentation. In addition, it is much easier to include a story between characters in this form, which seems more attractive to me. Personally, I have the impression that such reviews are more interesting, easier to receive and at the same time they give more opportunities to the reviewer.
Let me know what you think about it and whether the new form is better, maybe in some way worse or maybe you miss something in such presentation? I am curious about your opinion.

In addition, I changed the display of images presenting the instruction and packaging of the set. This is one of the rules on Clabrisic, that reviewer always has to present the photo of packaging and the instruction in a review for the set. We've been adding it at the beginning of the gallery for a given set. However, I want to change it and I have already done it in several sets like in 6395-1: Victory Lap Raceway or newly reviewed 6397-1: Gas N' Wash Express. You will see a separate gallery intended solely for the instructions and packaging displayed under the review in the form of a sliding panel of thumbnails. The gallery at the bottom, however, will present the set itself. Such separation of these galleries was in my head for some time and it should make it easier to view the reviews.

Remember to vote for sets. I systematically check how many votes any set preview have and I try to choose the ones with the higher number. Sometimes it happens, that I want to review a specific one and I just do it. However, I pay attention to your votes and do not hesitate to give them away! On the basis of the votes I chose the Octan gas station set as the first to be reviewed in the form of a presentation. All subsequent reviews will appear in this form. It is possible that some of the old reviews will be changed to the presentation form, although I think that the old reviews will remain as well. If you have a favorite to change from already existing review to a presentation, let me know in the comments!

Thanks and best regards! See you in the next review :)
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