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2018, jan 20 21:46
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I would like to inform everyone about recent language issues on Clabrisic and what I've just done with it.

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Clabrisic was established in 2015 as a Polish website, where I wanted to present LEGO sets from the 80's and 90's in my own way. After a few months I've noticed the interest of people from abroad, and as Google Translator was not really handling the Polish language properly, I decided to make an English version of Clabrisic.
It has been so far and will remain so. We have recently begun gathering more and more members of the Clabrisic community, as well as from Poland and various other countries, which makes me very happy. However, a small language problem arose. Not everyone in Poland knows English, and probably a small percentage of people from abroad understand Polish.
Therefore, I had to do something in this area so that we could all communicate without a problem. Therefore, I decided to separate language groups from the domain level and at the same time I have a big request for all of you.
All who enter on will see only comments and topics on the forum written by people who used the domain to write them. Therefore, I am asking that everyone using the domain should write only in English language. All other comments, unfortunately, I will have to delete or transfer to the appropriate domain.
If you on the other hand, know Polish language and want to talk with Poles, no problem with that. Just use the domain, where you will see comments and topics written in Polish language. Here, however, I am asking everyone to write only in Polish language.
It is possible that other languages ​​will appear in the future. I personally know in rather good level Polish and English language only. However, if there is a wider interest, there is nothing standing on the way to add new language. The system on which Clabrisic operates allows the definition of many languages.

Greetings to all of you and I am asking to use the appropriate language for the domain you are using.
Thanks for the understanding and lets keep the discussion going! There are so many nice topics to talk about when it comes to classic period of LEGO!
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