Happy new year!

2018, jan 1 22:52
LEGO Classic
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Happy new year\!Introduction
Hello fellow fans of LEGO bricks! I would like to give you my humble wishes in the upcoming new year 2018!
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What can I wish for fans of one of the best inventions on our planet?
Well, of course, as many bricks as you can fit in your room and to get the most desired sets by you in the coming year! It was probably not a surprise. As a classic fan, most sets and general bricks that I buy are used, so the lottery is every time. I suspect that most people here are in the similar situation. That's why I wish you the best hauls with bricks as new! For me, 2017 was definitely interesting. I got one of the most desired sets by me, such as monorail 6399, imperial ship 6274 or new sets of 12V trains. May the next year be even better :)
In addition, I wish you a lot of health, because it's the most important. All the best!
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