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LEGO Classic: MOC 90034 Monster Truck LEGO Classic: MOC 90034 Monster Truck
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The first such real truck was built in the US in 1974 by Bob Chandler, who had joined Ford pickup truck with the wheels of agricultural machinery.Huge wheels, very high and massive suspension joined with the trucks body makes quite an impression. Power of the engines mounted to this type of vehicle is so big that they have to limit the time of use, to prevent overheating and damaging the machine. Monsters presentations usually end in crushing series of old vehicles arranged in a single line, which is quite impressive and also dangerous for the driver. Therefore, a special reinforced cage is placed inside the vehicle to prevent crashing and killing the person inside in the time of an accident.
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Monsters from Town theme
Two vehicles appeared in Town theme included in 6675-1: Road-Trail-4x4 and Lego-6641-1, which are similar to the monsters. The machines are undoubtedly interesting, and also make an impression. They are designed with the largest wheels available in Town theme, which were used for the design of excavators and bulldozers. However, I wanted to try something else that might make even more impression and have wider functionalities.


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White Monster
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Getting in
 I've designed monster with the use of elements from the Technic theme. Suspension and wheels are actually the Technic parts. While the body is a standard 4w (4 stud wide) truck, which does not differ in proportions from other counterparts from Town theme. The suspension comprises of two springs, one in front and one at the rear. Amortization is possible in one axial only, it is not possible to bend to the side. The design of the suspension from left and right side creates a ladder, through which the driver can climb into the cabin. Additional binder combines bodywork with the suspension and creates a fairly stable structure. First of all, I wanted to achieve such a model, which does not fall apart during use. Stable structure is the domain of Lego and in this case I did not want to work out anything worse.
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Back view
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Red Monster
 At the rear of the vehicle two exhausts and rear lights have been installed. The vehicle has a complete lighting and additional lights mounted on the top of the cabin. I constructed two versions of the vehicle, as there are two colors of the rims available. Vehicles vary in some details and colors, but generally they are made using the same pattern.

LEGO Classic
Monster truck derby!

Monsters can be seen in one part of the Bebricton city: Mud-Racing.
Two additional galleries are available below. One presents more massive version of Monters that I've created previously. Second is Monster Truck Derby, which presents the crashing drive through the wrecked vehicles! Feel free to check it out!

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