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Unibricsum 1.0.40
The archive contains the Unibricsum installer. Two files: Instalon.exe and Unibricsum.dri. To install, run the Instalon.exe.

Licence: Freeware

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When I began my adventure with Lego once again in late 2014, an idea born in my head very quickly to create an application for Lego sets management. I like to have order in what I do, and after I've purchased the twentieth or thirtieth set, I slowly got confused what I already have, what I ordered, and what do I still want to buy. Therefore, I decided to create this program, in which I have everything I needed to easily manage Lego sets. The database with all sets and the user information are stored on computer's hard disk. Why do you ask I have created such an application? Why not use one of the sites as Brickset, where you can also create your own database of sets?
Personally, I prefer to have such data on my computer, to which I always have access. Internet is volatile, once it is gone, once it is up. The service in form of website may be available or not, but the program on my computer with a local database is always available! In addition, I would like to point out that Unibricsum offers more than "ownership" mark for every set. You can also mark the possession of instruction, add missing parts information or add information about missing bricks for set completeness. All this greatly facilitates Lego sets collecting process. If you are a collector, you should definitely check out the possibilities of this application!
Below you can see how the application looks like:
LEGO Classic
After import

Installation process

The program has dedicated and easy installer. The application is on Freeware license for non-commercial use. To put it simply, for home use is free. After downloading the zip file, unzip it and run Instalon.exe. Dialog will appears as shown below. After you accept the license and install it, the program will be placed at specified location and the shortcut will be created on the desktop.

LEGO Classic
Installation process

At the present moment there is no possibility to uninstall the program. If necessary, remove a shortcut from the desktop and delete folder with the application. The program does not install anything in the system.

Basic information

The program is available in two language versions - in Polish and English. The application itself recognizes the operating system and according to him, will select the appropriate language. If you have a Polish Windows operating system, Polish language will be selected. If, however, it will be a different language, then English will be selected. The language setting can be changed from the About' window in the dialog under the 'Application Settings' button.

Features offered in Unibricsum:
- Easy and fast sets import from service.
- possibility to change the status of a set out of 4 Available: Possessed, wanted, unwanted, and ordered.
- to mark set's completeness. By default, it is not marked (easier to locate untested sets).
- The possibility of adding information about the shortcomings in the set and to leave any other information about the set.
- The ability to mark the fact of having instructions for a set. You can thus easily filter out sets, which do not have instructions yet.
- Easy instructions opening from the program. Just select the set and press Ctrl + I. Of course instruction must first exist in the form of PDF in a 'instructions' subdirectory within the program folder. You must first download it from eg. service and place it in a subdirectory under the name set number, eg. '6346.pdf', and then you can have easy access to it from the Unibricsum.
- Ergonomy - you can qucikly do things using keyboard only. Check shortcuts of operations available in the sets window menu. You just need to use a few shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+D or Ctrl+O to mark a set as completed or owned.

Importing sets

Program after downloading and installing will not have any sets defined. Each user can import those sets, which he wants to have. As you know, Lego exists from a very long time and created lots of sets by now. Brickset shows information that it has more than 10,000 sets defined. Personally, I have imported sets mostly from the 80s and 90s, for a total of 2600 sets and images weighs approx. 300 MB. I suspect that everyone has their favorite period and does not need the entire database of LEGO sets to work with. Therefore, Unibricsum has no sets and iimages included in the instalation.
However, in an 'import' subdirectory there are CSV files available with some themes like Town, Castle and Space.
You can import sets in a very easy way from Enter the browse sets menu, select the interesting theme, switch the method of presentation to CSV and select the number of display to 200 sets, so you will be able to build CSV with bigger amount of entries.

LEGO Classic
How to import from
Data should be saved to a csv file like 'Town1.csv'. Open ordinary notepad available in every Windows. Click on the list and select all by pressing Ctrl+A, then copy it using Ctrl+C. Open notepad and paste the data by Ctrl+V. Save the file by pressing Ctrl+S or by selecting "File > Save As". I recommend saving the file in the 'import' subdirectory in the location of Unibricsum, but you might do it anywhere else as well. Having CSV file prepared, you can launch the Unibricsum program. Open sets window by selecting 'Library'> 'Sets' menu.
LEGO Classic
Importing Lego sets
Next step is to launch 'Import from a Brickset CSV file' operation as shown at the picture above. Select the file that you want to import. I chose the first CSV file with the Town theme where 200 sets are defined. The import process immediately downloads images and creates thumbnails. After successfully importing the thumbnails may not be visible. Close the window with sets by clicking the right mouse button at 'Sets' tab. Reopening will display thumbnails correctly.
LEGO Classic
After import
That's all. You can simply import only those sets, that you are interested in. No need to import whole Lego sets DB.

Viewing sets

Sets window is divided into pages, which I think makes it easier to browse. Couple of filters are available at the top panel. You can select sets by theme, subtheme or by part of the name or by ID of Lego set. After selecting the set, detailed information will popup at the right side along with the big image. 'Date added' field is the date when the set has been added to the database by the user.
LEGO Classic
Viewing sets
The program offers the possibility of writing additional information for each set. Personally, I use it mainly to note what parts I miss in a particular set. This way I have easy access to it at any time in one place.
LEGO Classic
Additional information
I present below choosing of one of the themes.
LEGO Classic
Choosing theme
LEGO Classic
Viewing police theme

Own sets

If you like, you can add your custom set too. At the top panel 'Add' button is available, which will display edit dialog below.
LEGO Classic
Adding new set
After filling all the information, click 'Add' button at the bottom panel of the dialog. Unfortunatelly the main and thumbnail image you will have to create yourself and put it into appropriate subdirectory, as in 'images' and 'images/miniatures' in the location of Unibricsum.

Backups and portability

The program is portable, all you need is in the installation directory. Instalon don't install anything in the operatiing system directories or anywhere else. Windows registry is used to save the current settings of the Unibricsum windows. The size, position and width of columns in the sets list are stored in the registry after closing the program.  However, all the data is stored in a 'data' subdirectory at the location of the program. If you need a backup, just pack this directory.


In my humble opinion, if you are Lego sets collector as I am, then this program is for you. It was useful for me many times, I can easily check my list and additional information of sets at any time. I do not have to write down the information on the different text files or on paper. All I have is in one place, under one click.
I will prepare a Linux version of the Unibricsum program in near future.


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