Welcome to my page dedicated to the Lego vintage sets of 80s and 90s!
Lego is one of the most fameous companies in the world, its fair to assume that everyone already knows what Lego bricks are.

In my humble opinion Lego in the period between 1985 and 1996 has created the best and unique sets. Brilliant ideas, very interesting and encouraging constructions lay out perfectly at the presentations. All of this could be seen in 80s and 90s catalogs. You could really feel that on every plan, every set, even over every brick someone thought 10 times and polish all to the limits. Perfection and quality of the bricks could be seen from far away and by this I think everyone appreciates Lego. Instructions for sets assembly are also very well done and easy to understand. When it come to me, I have strong sentiment to sets from 80s and 90s, because it was my childhood. It would be hard to count how many hours I have spent on assembling various brick constructions when I was young. If I had no Lego bricks my interests could be different today.I may be biased here, but I think that in the period 80s and 90s people designing Lego sets were trying to do something wonderful more than it is now. In early 2000 something had definitely changed drastically in way of creating sets. The new sets unfortunately do not have that magic, but above all the style also changed. New Lego models are bigger, more oval, the bricks are getting bigger forming big parts. There is missing something, at least for me. They seems to be more commercialized and has less spirit as before.I broke down when I saw presentations in new catalog from 2015 rendered using CGI. It will never beat real image of sets layout. Just look at the catalog of 1992 and 2014 to see the difference.

Lego Catalog 1992
Lego Catalog 2014

Is this presentation of 2014 does not look artificially? Do not over colored? Minifigures are unnatural? Enough about new sets, at least for now. This site is dedicated to classic sets from the first picture.
Sets from Lego Classic period (as I will call the LEGO period of years 80s and 90s) were created with the greatest amount of universal bricks and you could see it was important. In addition, each set on the back of packaging offered several alternative proposals. Having a set consisting of 70 bricks you can make up to 6 different constructions and this is probably not all. Kid could enjoy even a small set for a long time. It is the most important thing about Lego bricks!
I have came into possession of some Lego sets from Classic period and I wanted to share my thoughts on them and create my own library of the most interesting sets at this page.
If you are a fan of Lego too, you will find something interesting on this site!
Have a nice browsing!


Moreover, on this page you can find a software called Unibricsum. The program, which I created as I began collecting LEGO sets and I was getting confused on what I already got, what I ordered and what I wanted to buy.This program is based on a list of sets created by brickset.com. This site is an excellent base of all LEGO sets. It offers the possibility to generate a list of sets in CSV so you can easily import it in the Unibricsum. Pictures are automatically downloaded by Lego Station at a later stage. The program offers also the possibility of determining the state of the set completion, the fact of having the original instructions or possibility to set additional information for every set like missing parts or notes. You can download it here. If you are a collector of LEGO sets it is definitely worth to look at capabilities of the program, you could find it useful as well.
Below you can see a basic view of the Unibricsum.

Lego Station
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