Looking at a series of Town or even models with newer series City, most of the sets are in the white color. Unfortunately, white and gray bricks are most susceptible to yellowing. Pads kept on the shelf, where the sun shines often or in a room where smoke cigarettes - sooner or later will have signs of yellowing.
The best solution is to keep unused blocks in string bags in a container or box. They do not get dirty and have no opportunity for yellowing.
But what to do when we buy from someone bricks and it turns out that some are slightly yellow? There is a way! It might not be perfect, but the effect is better than the yellow repulsive block.


Searching whe web for solution you can find some posts at the forums. Most is unfortunately not necessarily proven ways. One tip have interested me, it is perhydrol. This is a 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide in water. More information can be found here on Wikipedia.
It is hydrogen peroxide, the same as for the disinfection of wounds, but only in the concentration of hydrogen peroxide of 10 times higher. Perhydrol is definitely stronger and therefore dangerous. Contact with skin causes epidermal necrosis (Wiki has a picture where you can see a white coating on the skin), it is like a light burn. The skin after contact with Hydrogen peroxide hurts and it is best to wash the area with cold running water. But it is not long-lasting damage. After washing areas with water with a few hours you won't even remember that something happened. White coating disappears, there is no trace of the contact.
We strongly recommend use of rubber gloves in every case when dealing with perhydrol. It is also good to use protective eyewear because eye contact is not good.
It's not a simple method, but definitely effective! When you have a little practice, it is not a big problem.


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