As a fan of mainly Lego Classic (sets from period of 80s and 90s), I can buy used sets only. Sometimes, but rarely I manage to get well-kept set, not damaged and clean. Most of the times though I buy unclean, dusty or stained sets. Bricks although are unclean, it do not necessarily have to be damaged. Lego bricks are primarily high quality and it is not easy to destroy them, you have to try hard! When buying a larger set like 6392-1: Airport consisting from over 500 bricks, which are mostly dirty, dusty, sometimes stained or painted with pencil (it happens quite often!), what can we do? It would be good to clean them, because it is rather hard to dabble in someone else's filth. The first thing I did is to look for information at Uncle Google and I have found, of course, different topics at various forums. Going through pages and reading different ways to clean bricks. Once I knew how other fans are cleaning bricks, I have came up with my own method of cleaning using basic home appliances. In this article I will describe how I do it.


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