LEGO Classic
Vintage Boxes of sets
This idea has been in my head for a while now, to collect all the boxes for sets in one place and present them as Brick Wall of the LEGO classics. However, there is a big difference in the boxes of the 90s and those that are currently being sold. I have described in detail this topic in a comparative article the city used to be and what is now.
LEGO Classic
Inside and back
Boxes were definitely stronger, and each set, starting with the medium size, had a cardboard drawer inside. The last significant difference is the alternative constructions available at the back of the packaging that stimulated the imagination and curiosity for the next hours of any young constructor. It proved that the bricks were universal enough to allow the creation of more than one structure.
It can be noted that two types of boxes were in use during the Town theme. Yellow with the word Legoland and started a bit later, because in the early 90s blue LEGO System packaging. Some sets were released in both versions, such as the 6541-1: Intercoastal Seaport from 1991. I saw this set in both yellow and blue pattern. From what I know, Yellow Legoland was sold in Europe mainly and the LEGO System surfaced on other continents faster. My favorite is the yellow Legoland box, as it reflects the atmosphere of those years.
LEGO Classic
Brick Wall 2017
In the photo above you can see all the packages that I have managed to collect so far from the LEGO classics with the emphasis on the Town theme. Technic's hides behind, because I ran out of space. However, nothing lost because I made a separate photo for them.
LEGO Classic
The Technic boxes were released in two versions. By the early 80s, they appeared in the style of the LEGO-8030-1 or LEGO-8055-1. The next sets, from the late 80s and 90s, had a new template, which is quite expressive and is more often present on the boxes seen in the picture above.
The biggest package for the LEGO set I've seen so far is the LEGO-8094-1. The LEGO-8062-1 is only a little smaller than the 7745-1: High-Speed City Express, and you can see how big the printer is. To be honest, this is a pure marketing trick, because this set can successfully fit in the package twice smaller. However, seeing such a huge box eyes are definitely shining brighter.

In conclusion, the biggest sentiment I have for the 6349-1: Holiday Villa and it was the first set I bought with the box. This is a piece of interesting history, and for someone associated with LEGO since childhood it is also a journey into the past. But with all sentiments aside, I sincerely wish all consumers, that LEGO group will return to such packages at least partially. They were interesting and practical. As a kid I did not even think to throw them away. The first reason was that I kept the bricks or assembled constructions inside the drawer, besides all that they were too interesting to just trash them.
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