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Created by: 2018, may 10 09:13
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2018, may 10 09:13
WOW, first comment!

Okay, here is a link to my BrickLink store, called Aerobrick:{"showHomeItems":0}

My store is still empty, because I don't have any plans to sell. In the future perhaps, I will. 
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2018, jun 19 00:03
Wow, the second comment :-)

And here is a link to my bricklink store, called Sear's trains!

I found a cheap shipping method for international shipping, called Chitchats: 
To Europe (not including insurance):
0.5kg: 14 Euro
2kg: 35 Euro
5kg: 48 Euro

Positive aspects of my store:
1) I learnt a lot from train collectors and now I know very well the inventories of all 12v trains and even other vintage sets so you get correct parts for each set.
2) No PayPal fees.
3) You can order a huge collection of sets at once as I do have many train sets and save on shipping
Negative aspects: 
1) this shipping is still high comparing to Europe (but you can order a lot at once)
2) I don't know maybe you can tell me as feedback :-)

I still have a lot of parts or sets but you have a wanted list, do not hesitate to send it to me so that I add them first.
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