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Created by: 2018, may 10 09:13
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2018, may 10 09:13
WOW, first comment!

Okay, here is a link to my BrickLink store, called Aerobrick:{"showHomeItems":0}

My store is still empty, because I don't have any plans to sell. In the future perhaps, I will. 
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2018, jun 19 00:03
Wow, the second comment :-)

And here is a link to my bricklink store, called Sear's trains!

I found a cheap shipping method for international shipping, called Chitchats: 
To Europe (not including insurance):
0.5kg: 14 Euro
2kg: 35 Euro
5kg: 48 Euro

Positive aspects of my store:
1) I learnt a lot from train collectors and now I know very well the inventories of all 12v trains and even other vintage sets so you get correct parts for each set.
2) No PayPal fees.
3) You can order a huge collection of sets at once as I do have many train sets and save on shipping
Negative aspects: 
1) this shipping is still high comparing to Europe (but you can order a lot at once)
2) I don't know maybe you can tell me as feedback :-)

I still have a lot of parts or sets but you have a wanted list, do not hesitate to send it to me so that I add them first.
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2018, sep 7 01:21
Hey guys,

I have had so far 3 orders. I have sold 7750 to an American, 7715 to an Hungarian, and some ice planet set to a Canadian. It is so enjoyable to provide Lego to other AFOLs. I have also received nice feedbacks from them or my store is their favorite. :-)
My international shipping rates are indeed excellent. For 34 countries, they are really cheap. For example, I got a quote for Belgium. Note that
- the prices do not depend on the size of parcel
- 100$ CAd insurance included. Any extra 100$ CAd insurance costs 0.75$ CAD.
- The prices go up gradually with the weight. So we have different prices for 100g, 150g, 200g,....1kg, 1.1kg, 1.2kg,.... This means that we don't waste money for shiping 1.3kg Lego while we buy a shipping label for 2kg! :-)
- Tracking is included.
Here are some simplified quotes to give you an idea:

100gr: 7.69$ CAD=5.11 €
200gr: 9.90$ CAD=6.58€
500gr: 15.46$ CAD=10.27€
1kg: 24.86$ CAD=16.52€
2kg: 38.93$ CAD= 25.87
3kg: 45.17$ CAD= 30.01€
5kg: 59.81$ CAD=39.74€
10kg: 89.41$ CAD= 59.40€

I haven't had time to add all my parts or sets. But if you need something, do not hesitate to shoot me a message and send me your wanted list. There would be special discount for you AFOLs from Clabristics. :-)
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