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Created by: 2017, nov 21 20:41
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2017, nov 21 20:41
I inaugurate this section of Clabrisic forum because I'm excited.

Indeed, with the 2018 supposed modular picture, some people were wondering if "Dark Turquoise" partswould be in this set. This color was mainly introduced for Rock Raiders sets from 1999, but was discontinued in 2007, because Lego designer Mark Stafford prefered choosing purple on one of the bad Exo-Force sets.
So I wanted to use this color in a creation, but released that the few plates and bricks availlable in this color were horribely expensive and difficult to get in great quantities. But with the news of this reintrodution, it gives me hope to see simple parts released to let me build... some Parisian (RATP company) buses and trains from 1992 to late 90's.
This color was used from 1999, but some Bayer bricks shows that this color was already thought in the 70's (along with an incredible palette of colours). So this is a great chance. If you let me dream, I would like to see old Dark and Light Grays coming back...

In fact, I open this topic in order for the ones who follows which sets are newly released, and who like checking which are the new parts, that could be used with our prefered creations. What I like are old parts that are now released in a classic colour.

Some examples are: the Yellow construction helmet re-released in 2011, the 2x4 car mudguard that was released in green once in 2012 (why did I not buy that part in bulk quantities...), the green street sweeper part (from 1995) in green in 2013 Town Square, the fire helmet that was released in Yellow in a Mixel set in 2016, the red antenna/snowplow part in 2018 mining sets or the pirate sword that have been released in black in this year's Pirates of Carribean ship set. I havemost of these parts, but I just have to make sceneries to use them...

I hope this topic will give you inspiration for your further creations.
LEGO Classic
2017, nov 25 12:04
Hello Evans,

Nice to see new topic in this forum :) You can talk here about any of the modern sets you think is good or maybe it reminds you something of classic era.
I do not really follow any of the new sets. I sometimes look at brick wall when I am in the market and it looks nice, but I do not get all those new sets with CGI backgrounds and enourmous big parts instead of stardard bricks to make it look smoother.
I prefer to use good old classic bricks really. Nevertheless I am wondering how you will use those new bricks, because I get the feeling you will make them as apprioperiate as it should be to use with classic designs :) The old bricks and equipment with some new color as you say yellow construction helmet is pretty intereting though.
If you will have something ready, do not hesitate and post it here in this forum.
LEGO Classic
2017, nov 26 01:22
In fact, it's not really about set themselves I want to speak about, but it's parts these contains.

What interests me are the old colours from old molds, so parts that could have been released back in Town era but that were only released nowadays.
Another great I've spotted are 4x4 green dishes in Batman's mansion. I already needed some, but as these parts were unreleased until now, these were expensive. Good news for me.

By the way, I made an order of rare parts. If it arrives this week, you will have pictures next weekend.
LEGO Classic
2017, dec 3 13:08
modified: 2017, dec 3 13:15
Hi, interesting topic!

With respect to the post-2000 bricks, I find these articles about both the classic and the modern bow and arch bricks very interesting:
LEGO Classic
2017, dec 3 15:15
modified: 2017, dec 3 15:16
I know this blog, it's a mine of informations about new parts, mostly new designs. This problem with modern arches is that the new one will be too easily spotted as not original, so it a new old colour is released, that won't be a real Town part. Here's a pic of some of the parts I'm speaking about. All those parts I own are not here, and I will have to order other parts that were recently released by Lego, via customer service.
These parts were released in the 00's or 10's, but are old molds and could have been sold in a Classic set. These just did not find their way at the era.

I will have to make an order to get the latest ones I've spotted.
LEGO Classic
2017, dec 16 19:45
I've missed that post of yours Evans. The effect that day has only 24 hours ;)
Uniquness of colors of those bricks is noticeable from the frist look. If you know at least couple of sets from 90s then you will know that lever comes only in blue color. The black arrowshaft I have never seen. I see you like very much to gather all those unique parts :)
Nice collection. You can build snowy roof now!
LEGO Classic
2017, dec 16 22:02
In fact, I like having such parts because it gives new look to creations, that are different by the color from sets from era, it gives more diversity to traffic for example. For the black arrowshaft, it first appeared in Ninja theme in 1999, but it was reintroduced with latest Ninjago sets. The car lever was introduced in only one bad Jack Stone set from 2004, it was the last appearence of this part beforeit got discontinued.
I'm a bit disappointed, because the Lego customer service, where I can order such new parts is closed to orders until 1st February. So I will have to wait to get the latest parts I want...

Sometime, I build something arround a part. The part, even if it's small or seems rather uninteresting, it's just for pleasure to see it used here. My travel coach was first centered on the 2x4 Tr.Clear slope, or my suburban house was centered on the yellow six-pane door.
I've bought white slopes to prepare snowy roofs, indeed, but the white 3x3 33° is not availlable anymore... I hope to see it again soon, because I only ordered two at the time (it was expensive). I would love to see the 2x4 green mudguard part to appear again, I missed it at the time, and it's very hard to find it in large quantities without paying an outrageous price...
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