WIP - container harbour for 4030 ship

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Created by: 2018, feb 27 11:36
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, feb 27 11:36
Hi all.
Still working on this but I think first results are not so bad. It's not a secret that main inspiration for this is frisk and trafik catalogue. 
Still a lot to do but this concept was on top of my head from long time, was searching for good solution to unload/load 4030 container ship.

LEGO Classic
2018, feb 28 23:17
Hello Michal,
I like the idea of building an 80's harbor, as there were not any set in this era. I completely recognise your inspiration source, and now it hurts me that 6377 truck and the train crane trucks have the same color scheme.
You have three very good sets displayed together. I hope you will expand this harbor scene, eventually by adding some warehouses behind the crane, or adding some streets, if you have enough space, of course. :)

By the way, did you buy your 6377 in the US or in Europe?
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 1 07:19
Thanks Evans,
I was thinking more about some open space on side to store containers  that to build warehouse, I have idea to rotate 6377 building 90* and than add 32x32 base plate and there put storing area.
I have changed little crane arm, now it's operating from side to side over road. Without this extension crane was not able to grab containers next to operators ladder.

My set is from US. 

LEGO Classic
2018, mar 1 08:18
modified: 2018, mar 1 08:21
It looks nice. Those floating container ships makes an impression. I still remember the presentation from catalog where they build large harbour using milions of grey bricks with real water. That was awesome! The idea to use this crane for water is great. That is what I like about classic LEGO, you can adapt different things to other tasks.
I miss the water and some greens in your presentation. I hope you will make it later :) Maybe you would like to prepare small scenery like Evans? It would be much easier to start :)

PS this is still LEGO classic topic Michał. LEGO Modern forum is for discussion about newer sets after 2000, if someone would like to talk about something. I will move your topic :)
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 6 13:57
Hi allHad some free time and there is small progress, I have 10 containers storage area on one level, 20 on two. 
On left I see place where I can connect 6542 set to this area and build big sea port :-) also 6541 can be somewhere connected to all.
I also have added new docking area where I can move containers without harbour crains, next to 6377 building. Can use forklift for that. 

I know it's not perfect but using all what I have on-hand, when result will be as I expected then I'll put bricks on order, ex. to have old grey under harbour road baseplates.

As this is still WIP I'm just sharing updates .. maybe someone is interested to check and maybe add new ideas to me. Yes on very end I really would like to share this as scenery.
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 6 18:45
Michal, no rush. You can post here whatever you want as long as it is topic about bricks.
You will do the scenery when you will be ready and then we will post it on Clabrisic :)
Harbour plates would be useful here, but you already have couple as I know you have 6542 and 6541! Just use them. Nice to see delivery center building in use. Will you make airport nearby also? All transport methods in one place :) Keep it up!

LEGO Classic
2018, mar 7 21:38
I like tha way the harbor is expanding! This container storage area is nice.
But contrarily to Rogdush, I don't think that the 16x16 harbor plates would fit here, as it's clearly an 80's harbor (which is something that have never been released as a set), so you should stay with your large grey plates and roadplates combinaison to build the deck and keeping the 80's spirit.
90's harbors are so easy to build that it's not really funny :). So looking 80's is something I've rarely seen. I also hope you will make some warehouses in 80's style... :)
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 9 07:19
Nice topic!

Here are some pictures from my personal harbour scene photo collection.

I found these pictures on the internet, enjoy! 
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 9 09:00
very nice arm extension for 7823; in general very nice harbor :)
but when arms are so extended did You used counterweights maybe?  
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 9 20:42
modified: 2018, mar 9 20:43
Thank you! However this is not a MOC, but a picture I found surfing online. It seems to me that this guy simply copied the left extension of set 7823 on the right side.
Now the crane is even better balanced, so counterweights are not necessary imo. 
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