The Old "Kladden Nuckel" Household Goods in Legobeck

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LEGO Classic
2019, mar 10 23:33
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The timbered house of the merchant Nuckel is one of the oldest preserved houses in the city of Legobeck. It was built in 1731 and rebuilt several times over time. In the right part of the house, where now a large window adorns the facade, was formerly a small smithy. In the left part was always a small shop. On the first floor, as well as in the attic is the apartment of the family Nuckel.

For a long time "Kladden Nuckel" offered goods for agricultural use. Household goods have been on offer since 1885, and porcelain was added to the range in 1938.
The small smith lost its importance quite quickly. So the premises were used as a warehouse, later the store was extended to these rooms. Only the old fireplace still bears witness to the time of the blacksmiths. Also the land trade was abandoned in the 1960s and the focus was placed on civic needs.

Today's range includes a wide range of porcelain from well-known manufacturers such as "Bretzenhoff & Riker", "Bolleroy & Vich", high-quality glassware from the companies "Tachmann" and "da Vinci". Pots and pans complete the household range. There is also a small selection of garden tools.

The name "Kladden Nuckel" refers to the son of the company founder. In the vernacular he was only called "Kladden Nuckel". The background of this designation is that there was a wooden staircase in the back of the hallway (today shop) that led up to a gallery. This was probably an old upper room. Here was a table and a few chairs, and Mr. Nuckel had a good overview of the shop and the clientele. Below and behind the gallery there were "kladden" (clothes), robust clothing for the everyday work of farmers and craftsmen, and for women simple dresses and aprons made of calico, a coarser, colorfully printed cotton fabric.

All this was a long time ago, but the name "Kladden Nuckel" has remained until today.

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2019, mar 10 23:35
Further pictures:
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2019, mar 10 23:37
Further pictures:
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2019, mar 16 22:34
modified: 2019, mar 16 22:36
Excellent building! I love these medieval-type buildings, and it's looking huge on a 16x32 baseplate. there are some nice part uses, notably the slope put on the 1x1x1 window, I would have not thought using that. I also like the use of the 1x2x6 window with fixed shutters, it's rather difficult to use in a Classic Town setting, considering there are moving ones, and it has a nice effect here, as it's different from a moving build. These ones have 50% window and 50% shutters, when the moving ones have 66% shutters and 33% window, for the same size.
I like the use of 1x4x5 green windows too, these looks good here.
I have to point thet the story behind this building is interesting. Would be nice to have a workshop with a glass blower near thet building. that would be a nice pair.

Very good work! Will you build a layout with this building?
LEGO Classic
2019, mar 18 13:51
modified: 2019, mar 18 13:57
Hello Evans,

Many Thanks!
The building was deliberately built on a 16x32 base plate to emphasize the urban character. With a larger base plate, the impression would be more rural and the building more solitary.

The 1x1 window in the roof is a fake. It is an inverted 1x1 Brick with side stud ("lamp stone"). The effect of a window frame results on the open back. This could be a small dormer for a dovecote.

For the window with the movable shutters one needs on the left and right next to the window in each case a brick 1x1x2 with holder, which takes up even more space. Another option would have been the classic 1x4x3 window. I tested both variants and found them too heavy. The built-in window is simply the best.

The green 1x4x5 windows on the ground floor show a good contrast to the truss and refer to the shutters on the first floor. Red windows are already enough. Boring! ;-)

The idea of ​​a glassblower sounds good. Maybe that would be conceivable as a neighboring building, a good addition.

There will not be a special layout for this building. But there will be a nice place in the new city later. First, the new LEGO room has to be finished. Maybe in the fall or winter 2019/2020. Just take a look.

Thanks again for your comment.

Best regards from Legobeck,
LEGO Classic
2019, apr 5 22:56
Wow! Awesome job Sebastian, very nice building. It looks like medieval or just suburbs one. Its like the replacement for modulars back in 90s :)
I like the interior details also. Nice work indeed! Thanks for sharing :)
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