Set 356 Swiss Villa Adaptation

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Created by: 2021, mar 4 15:11
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2021, mar 4 15:11
modified: 2021, mar 4 15:14
Set 356 Swiss Villa Adaptation

The original set
The building consists of a blue basement and a red upper floor. On the right, the upper floor expands to a large balcony, the basement floor below has a large room that is open on three sides. The openings are shaped by arches. In the middle is another arch. An entrance or passage leads through this, which is represented by way plates on the base plate. The part that is connected to the left of the house and is set back looks like a subsequent extension to enlarge the upper floor a little. The very colorful color scheme is striking. The basement in blue, the upper floor in red, and the roof in turn blue. The extension on the left has a red roof. In addition, white window frames with yellow shutters and a white door. A green base plate provides a natural-looking environment, which is also characterized by a tree. A small white fence on the house indicates a garden. The set has no recognizable parameters for the dimension. A figure or a car can give an indication of the size. These are missing here, so the scale is almost completely free. Only the door offers a vague idea of ​​the dimensions.

The adaptation

During the adaptation, it was important to me to take up the main features of the set:
- Arrangement of the individual building parts
- Base floor with arch
- Arch with entry or passage including route to the building
- coloring
- additionally: garden design, detailing
The size is based on the minifigure. This now allows a great deal of detail. The veranda on the right-hand side opens up to the garden through large arches. The veranda was also equipped with garden furniture. A green pergola adjoins the veranda further to the right.

By using the base plate with a path in stone pattern optics, an access from a possible road in front of it is created. The diagonal route breaks up the overall picture of the large garden and leads to an open garage. The opening to the garage also consists of a large arch.

The annex is set back to the left. In the basement there is a small workshop room which can be reached from the garage. To the right of the garage is the front door, behind which a staircase leads to the upper floor.

The central room on the upper floor has a fireplace and a dining area. From this room there is also access to the large balcony. In the side extension there is a bedroom, which is one step lower.

Most of the coloring was taken from the original set. The furniture is kept in white so as not to add to the colorful effect of the building. The added light gray car is also subordinate to the house in terms of color.

I hope you like the model. Questions, comments and criticism are expressly welcome.

Best regards,
LEGO Classic
2021, mar 4 15:20
Further pictures.
LEGO Classic
2021, mar 17 01:13
Hello Legobecker!

Thanks for sharing your creation. This looks great! I see you have spent some time to fill the building with detailed interiors and provided some tools also. Thats really extensive comparing to usual vacation buildings like 6349 :) I like it though, its nicely planned.
What looks odd to me is the second floor below the window, its three-brick in height. The frontal door seems a bit off, maybe 1 more brick of blue above could be better. Anyways im just picking now, really nice construction and I love those mini-fig adaptations. Evans did couple also some time ago (posted in custom sets).
Its really nice idea to recreate those and put them with other sets from 80s or 90s. That would be great city :)
I think you need to change this mail box to old one though, the red mail letter needs to be there!
The car is also nice, some new idea to extend size even more, like a combi. You have continueed the idea to make unique car in every set :)
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