Quiz: what do you find uncommon in this photo?

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Created by: 2018, apr 16 12:29
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 16 12:29
Hey guys,
I wrote some time ago a quiz in another forum concerning 4.5V battery wagons. The answer of that quiz was the black switch of one wagon. Here it is another photo (similar to the previous one) and the question as before:
What do you find uncommon in this photo?

LEGO Classic
2018, apr 16 12:31
The photo is published reversed! Let me reverse my photo and try again :-)
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 16 15:24
I've sent you a possible answer by message, so I let the others thinking about it...
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 16 22:50
Nice quiz SezaR I've sent you my possible answer by message too
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 17 03:00
Sorry guys, I don't know why the photo is uploaded downward. On the second time, I rotated the photo and then uploaded but apparently, the software of this forum knows when to rotate the photo!
- Evan, your anwer was right. Bravo :-)
- Ben, your answer was right but this was the question I had asked few months ago in another forum. The black switch is rare and I believe, it appeared in the latest release of 7722. After I posted my quiz, I added to the item to bricklink. I just need to take a better photo (but don't know how!). See
After I wrote the first quiz, I realized something uncommon in my battery boxes. So this is something I didn't know at that time! :-)

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