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Created by: 2018, mar 11 12:04
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 11 12:04
Hi all.
Had little lazy Sunday.... Should be big loop but ended with original .. just one.

Never enough of monorail :-)
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 12 11:35
That's a busy track here. I would love to see a big track configuration with tunnels and a hangar/workshop to store and repair monorails. Monorail is always something interesting and eye-catching. I will try to complete get a monorail car by the end of the year. I aleready own two bases, but I do not own the bogeys nor the motor. I'm thinking that the bases I own could make a third car for another monorail. Did you ever considered extending your monorails to a three cars one? It should not be too expensive, as there wouldn't be any motor needed. I've seen some of such creation on the Internet,
people usually use tow balls and sockets that are normally used on vehicle trailers.
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 14 11:45
Awesome view ! Monorail is definitely one of the greatest creations of 90s. LEGO designers did it once again. Love it. I finally got one red train and one white train. I am wondering how do you stop those motors with two stations! Hah :) You need two more stations at least ;) Having 4 of those sets you can build pretty nice city. Your first city that you showed from a year ago was  impressive, although it miss some details and stuff. The idea was nice though. I always considered it odd to make an train to drive people from city to airport in long loops just couple of meters away, as the two stations are relatively close to each other. I know it was just an idea for a set to make it easier to start, but still...

Michal, waiting for your city with proper land and background :)
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