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Created by: 2016, apr 27 15:32
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2016, apr 27 15:32
Hi all,
I think that it would be interesting to make a topic where we put all our new Lego purchases.

So I begin with my Birthday's (28 April) present: the set 6391 Cargio Center, only availlable in North America. I've ordered it on eBay from Australia a few days ago. It should arrive in first half of May. I'll make a review of it. I will also try to make a review of 6393 Big Rig Truck Stop that I already have, but I'm missing the two Transport printed 2x2 tiles. I'm not sure if I'll have time for it.

So, you too, post your last new things!
LEGO Classic
2016, apr 27 15:55
Hi Evans, 

Congratulations for getting that rare set :) It is indeed nice one. 6393 Rig Truck is extremely rare as well. 
If you would like to write a review on Clabrisic of those sets, let me know first. I am glad you like to do that. I need to explain you couple of things how to do new, more interesting reviews :) You can adjust your previous review of police station as well.

I haven't bought anything interesting lately, I have a little break right now. Last interesting set I've got couple of weeks ago was LEGO-6364. Finally, I've got this small paramedic building. I have almost all medic sets from Town theme :) 
Unfortunatelly, I still haven't got enough time to review it all... Nevertheless, I hope I will make it in some future :)
LEGO Classic
2016, may 6 00:12
I forgot to say that last sunday, I got, in a yard sale, an incomplete Western 1996 Fort Legoredo, I only had two "buildings" on four, the front and rear part, for 15€. I already have a lot of parts of it, so it won't be a problem to build the two others side sections.
I also bought a bunch of building instructions and I found some old French catalogs: 1966, 7969 and 1971. I'm very happy to have 1971 one because of I already belgium version. Also some others more recent things that I bought because of it wasnt' expansive, like a MISB 2013 Fire truck for 8€ or 2011 police van for 2€ that I parted out (useful all white fire truck doors)... I want to say that I don't collect City sets anymore, but when I can make a good deal, I buy it. :)
Now, the yard sale season is launched, I hope make others great finds :) .
LEGO Classic
2016, may 12 15:50
Now I have it! 6391! After several thousand kilometers from Australia to France, I recieved it yesterday. Not any missing parts, and very good condition instructions. Stickers in good shape. I will try to take photos this weekend if I'm not too busy (I have my final exams in one month) and to write text in the next weeks. And I will build the alternates models, as these are all very good!
LEGO Classic
2016, may 12 17:54
Very nice set and excellent condition :)
LEGO Classic
2016, aug 25 20:58
During my holidays, I got a lot of bricks through the yard sales:
On the firt picture, the vintage bulk I got with a lot of building instructions (not the parts to build them entirely). On the second picture, there is the parts from the vintage bulk, with 4 white rattle antennas and a grey one, and a very rare French flag with the axle mast, not even listed on Bricklink! But I suspect it to be from the set 990 as all the parts are present in the bulk. On 3rd picture, there is a Scala bulk, some Friends sets and a boxed 7238. On the last picture are the parts I bought at the Lego exhibition (link to pictures).
LEGO Classic
2016, aug 26 12:25
Nice loots :) Lots of instructions in pretty good shape.
That doll is odd though, it do not fit to Lego so greatly ;)
I am unsure what do you do with all those wheels! You can build some extremely long train or something :)

I like the exhibition, awesome sceneries. I like the mega big maersk container ship with storage areas. That looks impressive.
LEGO Classic
2016, aug 28 16:58
I was very pleased by the quality of the building instructions, these are in very good condition. I'm sure this doll could be nice with Town, as a statue or something... I joke! :) For the wheels, I don't personnally know what to do with them, and I already have two times more of what you see. I don't have any idea... The small wheels can be used on mini-wheelers (the lego vehicles from 1969 to 1977, but 1980 because of early Classic Town vehicles (can't fit minifigures) has the same characteresics) to build a vintage diorama with the previous system of town (before 1978) and blue era trains.

It was nice to visit an exhitition, as the last one I visited was in 2015. I hope visiting an exhibition on 17th September, but I'm note sure if I will be able to with school. And it's far, at least 1hour and half with suburban trains as I live in the north of Paris and the exhibition is in the south of Paris.
That Maersk ship was a big piece of meat! And the big number of containers impressed me as the 1x2 brick with groove in LtBley and the containers doors ares expensive in this quantity. I think that the harbor lacked of animation, it only presented shunting trucks. There could be others things more interesting, more living.
LEGO Classic
2016, sep 18 14:28
modified: 2016, sep 18 14:32
Yesterday, I came in a Lego Exhibition, as it was on the south of Paris, 120 kilometers to go to it...
It was nice, a better quality than the last one I came, there was a very nice modern Alsacian City display with SNOTted roads and very nice buildings. There was a small and messy Classic Town display with 1985 12V TGV running, but roadplates and rails were very yellowed, and the Town sets were mixed with City sets. There was also an isolated Classic Town set, and I was very surprised to see it: the LEGO-590-1 US only fire station, but it was in bad condition.
There were English sellers who had a big crate of bulk, I've taken some bags of parts that you can see in the attached picture. (sorry for the background, it's my desk...) :)
If you want to see pictures of the event, you can go here! :)
LEGO Classic
2016, sep 18 19:23
I like city at exhibition. It is nicely composed. Classic Train Station fits here even. Someone made good job with it :)
The bricks you've got are from all different eras! I see shelves from those family sets of rooms from 70s or pink anchors from new paradisa or belville sets :)
I wonder where you will use them in your new MOCs.
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