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Created by: 2018, aug 29 06:33
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, aug 29 06:33
In this thread, I reveal my true identity: Lego technic/model

In my childhood (between 11-16) I only  built technic models.
I never had necessary parts to build this one. Do you recognize it?

I also tried to submit this as a MOC but I didn't find how. (Rogdush, could you please help?) 

LEGO Classic
2018, sep 3 22:34
Very nice model! Is it from an Idea Book? I'm not a big fan of motorcycles, and of such chopper too, but I find it nicely built, for what seems to be an early 80's model. It just misses a bit of system bricks in order to embelish it.

I hope to see more Technic creations of you. Maybe could you also think about Technic creations in order to fit the Trains theme, as in 7777 Idea Book?
LEGO Classic
2018, sep 12 08:13
modified: 2018, sep 13 12:56
Evans, this model was taken from one of the ideas of instructions of 857. I had this set in my childhood. The instructions that is uploaded on Peeron or other websites don't have those extra pages but you can check for other sets like 856, 855,... I don't know...but few of them has this beautiful motor.
The set 857 is my favorite set for ever. It is what I consider perfect. The building techniques used are simple but hard at the same time. If you are to build something similar, you understand why it is hard, but it looks easy. When you look at the motor from distance, you cannot see that it is built using normal bricks! Just fantastic! :-)

My mind is very technique, but I was not well trained for this. I had only 15 gears and few of them broke at some point. For me, all sets should have some technique functionality, even small cars! I remember I was used to build trucks with size of 5590, 5580 having steering for front wheels but I didn't use even one gear! :-)
I even want to have a city with many technique builds. when I was a kid, we were playing "The Last Ninja" with C64. Based on this video game, I built a city like what there were in level 2 of "the last Ninja 2" in which he had to go around, find some keys, kill guards,.. In my city, there was a hidden button which would open a sliding door of a building :-) I used a motor for this :-)

I have checked the ideas in 7777. When I was a kid, I never had any train (except bunch of spare parts/blue tracks,...) so i am not much trained for those ideas. I have seen people making very nice technique builds, like automatic loading a tender, or a Goods' train,...

My idea of bus Ikarus is the first I would try to realize. On the side, I will try to build scenaries for this website since Lego city is my second favorite theme and I always wanted to mix technic with Lego city.
Once my store on BL starts to work and I add all I want to sell, then I can think to spend for building....hope this comes soon :-)
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