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Created by: 2018, feb 11 10:54
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, feb 11 10:54
Hi guys,

I found this free software, called BlueBrick. It's looks interesting for making concepts of bigger sceneries. Do you have any experience with this software?

LEGO Classic
2018, feb 11 11:58
I like to build without any blueprint or instruction. Just to take out the bricks or plates and to build and modify on the fly :)
Although, this tool seems a great thing when you do not have enough time to playaround with on fly planning. I think Evans was using it and Michal is definitely using some tool too.
I might try it also, as I have less and less space. Thanks Ben!
LEGO Classic
2018, feb 11 12:57
You're welcome, Rogdush!

LEGO Classic
2018, feb 11 16:44
modified: 2018, feb 11 16:46
Yes, I'm using this software since few years to design my layout,  Especially I'm using bluebricks to design monorail track, only with this software I was able to design full loop .. later I tried this in real life.. and all is fine :&)

software is great but not all "classic" sets are in data base, like on my layout cargo center is "made" just by proper baseplates
also I think no one currently is updating this for new sets
LEGO Classic
2018, feb 11 22:27
This is a must-have software if you are planning participating an exhibition. I'm a fellow user since 2012! I keep record of my permanent layout evolution since this year. It's very useful for large layouts, that contains train track, as it's difficult to figure curves on paper if you don't have any tool.

Rogdush, if you remember, I sent you a complete (at the time) map of Bebrickton a while ago to show you how would the city look like if everything was built and connected at the same time. I was using this software.

The missing sets are not a problem as long as corresponding baseplates are present. To remember that htese are here, I use the text tool to put the name of the creation or the number of the set.

LEGO Classic
2018, feb 12 00:12
modified: 2018, feb 12 00:16
Surely I remember Evans, it was very nice of you to prepare Bebricton layout :) I thought you were using that software for it, thats why I said you were using it. This layout of yours was pretty impressive. Although I never used it before, as I like to play with bricks and plates more than plan and just put out.

Michal, your city is very impressive. Lots of monorails and your video with two 6399 running around is very nice :) I would surely like to see your city with full decorations and proper landtile/background. You miss some flowers, trees and more natural look for all of it. More importantly, city needs some life also. Interactions between figs, some actions etc. Sets alone is not all. I know this was only preparation on the video, but I saw your photos of that city more complete and I am just saying what could be better :) This is normal though, I was building such sceneries couple of years ago also and I was happy :D Keep it up!
LEGO Classic
2018, feb 12 21:29
What a very big amount of monorail track, Michal! You could make a fantastic complete Town layout. I hope seing one a day, you have a so great potential! :)
Two monorails, that's so nice...
LEGO Classic
2018, feb 12 21:53
Thanks EvansMaybe some day ..
I'll build my city :-)

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